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Hundreds of Thai Miss Flights Due to Lack of Health Insurance



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Hundreds of Thai workers in South Korea, have missed their flights to Thailand after being unable to prove health insurance coverage in Thailand. They are required to produce health insurance cover to the equivalent of US$100,000.

Airline officials say the health insurance has been a requirement of the Thai Civil Aviation Office since March 10th. A valid doctor’s certificate is also required by travellers. The health certificate is to ensure that the returning Thai workers have not exhibited coronavirus symptoms for 14 days prior to their flight.

Thai PBS reports that obtaining a doctor’s certificate in South Korea is costly. Ranging from around Bt15,000 and its only valid for 48 hours before boarding a flight.

Thai health officials say the requirement for health insurance coverage for Thai workers is a misunderstanding. Adding that the requirement only applies to non-Thai citizens arriving in Thailand. The health insurance requirement is also for travellers from high-risk countries, such as South Korea.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda offered a public apology for his miscommunication. Above all for the public misunderstanding that the Government is to shut down all the state facilities. Including the Sattahip naval base, for the quarantine of Thai workers returning from South Korea.

He said today that all the facilities remain open, although returnees not infected with COVID-19 will be sent home for quarantine. They will be under the supervision of local health department officials.

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