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Watch Video: Seven-Vehicle Crash on Bangkok’s Suwinthawong Road





BANGKOK – A pickup truck driver was killed in a seven-vehicle crash on Bangkok’s Suwinthawong Road after a speeding sedan tried unsuccessfully to cut in front of him.

Both vehicles ended up in the opposite lane and were hit by a 10-wheeler in the Monday morning accident.

The pickup driver was thrown from his vehicle during the collision and died at scene. Other injured motorists were taken to hospital.

Internet users who saw the video mostly criticised the sedan driver for reckless driving and “indirectly murdering” the pickup driver.

Thai Cop Crashes bike on Bangkok Bridge, Girlfriend Dies


Paramedics move the body of Kwanruathai Chainakin from the crash site on Bhumibol Bridge

Paramedics move the body of Kwanruathai Chainakin from the crash site on Bhumibol Bridge


A young woman riding pillion on a motorcycle driven by her police officer boyfriend was killed when she was run over by a truck after he crashed the bike while crossing over one of the bridges prohibited to two-wheel vehicles early on Monday.

The accident occurred at a fork on the Bhumibol Bridge I in Samut Prakan’s Phra Pradaeng district about 5am.

Pol Lt Chaiyan Thongkhamchum, 31, deputy crime suppression division inspector at Lat Phrao police station, was travelling with his 23-year-old girlfriend Kwanruathai Chainakin on a big bike across the Chao Phraya River to Rama III Road with a group of friends following them.

Phra Pradaeng police investigator Pol Capt Prasert Kingkade said Pol Lt Chaiyan was riding fast, scraped against the roadside barrier near the fork and lost control of the vehicle. He and Kwanruathai both fell off but she was then run over by a truck and died on the spot. The truck driver fled the scene. Kwanruathai was a fourth-year student at Rattana Bundit University.

Pol Lt Chaiyan sustained non-life threatening injuries but was left an emotional wreck, according to his friends. He fired five shots into the air with his 9mm pistol and then pointed the gun at himself, but a friend snatched it from him in time. The officer then ran to the guardrail in an apparent attempt to commit suicide,  but his friends subdued him.



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