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VIDEO: Bridge Collapses after Being Rammed by River Barge in Central Thailand



A 100-metre middle section of the bridge collapsed after being rammed by a river barge. Photo Thai PBS

NAKHON PATHOM Officials of the Marine Department were called to the scene after a river tug barge rammed into the concrete bridge spanning across the Nakhon Chai Si River in central Thailand, causing it to collapse and fall into the River on Thursday morning (Dec 21).

The collapse of the 100-metre middle section of the bridge in front of Wat Thaiyawat temple forced local authorities to close the bridge for safety reason.

Road traffic from Nakhon Chai Si to Buddha Monthon Sai 7 road using the bridge is also cut off, forcing all vehicles to turn to other routes instead.

According to officials of the Marine Department, the Tug “V. Choke-udomsap” was hauling three barges loaded with soybean to Nakhon Pathom when its rudder went out of control after the boat engine stopped working as it approached the bridge before dawn.

The tug laden with three barges then went out of course and rammed the bridge foundation, forcing it to collapse.

Nobody was injured and no vehicles were on the bridge when it fell into the river, but a barge was damaged from the collision.

The tugboat skipper was detained for questioning.

Source: Thai PBS

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