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Thai Mother Accused of Forcing her 13 Year-Old Daughter into Prostitution



The young school girls was forced to sleep with an elderly man for money

The young school girls was forced to sleep with an elderly man for money – Photo Business Insider




TRANG – A 42-year-old mother is facing human trafficking charges after she allegedly forced her underage daughter to sleep with an elderly man for money and eventually became pregnant.

Police believe the girl was 13 at the time of the original incident in Trang’s Kan Tang district.

The girl’s grandmother is alleged to have continued the arrangement until the girl became pregnant.

The girl, now aged 15, gave birth to a child in March. Both she and the baby were now under the care of Songkhla Home for Children.

The girl’s mother now faces charges including human trafficking and procuring a girl under 15 for prostitution, Trang police deputy chief Colonel Triwit Sriprapa said Friday.

Child prostitution is a tragic pandemic, in south east asia. According to the UNICEF, one million children are forced into the sex trade market in Asia every year.
ECPAT, an international NGO dedicated to ending child sex abuse in Thailand, said in 2103 that 40 percent of prostitutes in the country are under 18 years of age. While the real numbers are unknown, NGOs estimate that 60,000 kids are prostitutes.
Source: The Nation
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