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Thai Health Ministry to Set Up 60,000 ‘Community Checkpoints’ Over New Years





BANGKOK – Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health Minister Ratchata Ratchatanawin has announced it’s slated to set up 60,000 ‘community checkpoints’ on local roads throughout the country in a bid to curb the number of road casualties during the New Year’s period.

Minister Ratchata Ratchatanawin on Friday unveiled the accidents-curbing measure that will see local public health offices work with other state agencies as well as local residents in setting up checkpoints at roads leading to communities. Emphasis will be on drunk drivers, motorcyclists without helmets, and speeding drivers. The checkpoints will be up during December 30 and January 5. The aim is to make the New Year’s number of casualties lower than that of the last New Year’s period.

About 1,500 hospitals, both public and private, have been tasked with preparing emergency response teams for the festival period. Sales of alcohol will be allowed only in certain areas.

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