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Thai Government Looks to Remove all Tigers From Thailand’s Tiger Temple




After the seizure, the tigers will become common property of the state



KANCHANABURI – Thailand’s Department of National Parks (DNP) director- general, Nipon Chotiban, has ordered all tigers to be removed from Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua,  Tiger Temple by the end of April.

This comes after seized six Asian black or Moon bears after the temple staff could not produce official documents that they were obtained legitimately.

Officials who were led by National Park’s Chief Somsak Pompet who came with a court warrant to search the temple again after they were not allowed entry the day earlier to check three missing tigers from the temple.

According to park officials preparations are being made in the Ratchaburi Province to house all of the animals once they are rescued. Accommodations have been inspected by park officials to ensure that they meet standards.

After the seizure, the tigers will become common property, which the state will have to feed and properly house. The state is looking for ways to lower these expenditures, and one suggestion is to allow foster parent programs that would allow others to foster a tiger.

“Thailand’s Tiger Temple is at the heart of the unfortunate wild animal selfie trend that has emerged in the past few years and it’s high time people know the truth,” said Nil Zacharias, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Green Planet. “Despite claims that the monks are concerned with the welfare of the animals and focused on conservation and rescue work, we here at One Green Planet have featured in-depth articles in the past year exposing the cruel truth behind this terrible tourist attraction and others like it. We are delighted by this positive step and applaud the work of the conservation and animal rights groups that have fought for years to shut down this place.”

The confiscation of the tigers from the Tiger Temple is indeed great news . It should serve as a milestone for everyone, especially the press, to take responsibility and educate themselves before they glamorize the exploitation of wild animals. Ignorance like this is inexcusable and as cruel to animals as are those who profit from wild animals

There has been no official word on why the temple will now lose all of their tigers. An investigation into 3 missing tigers may be the reason, but no official announcement has been made on the matter.

Thai Visa, One Green Planet




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