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Gen. Prawit Denies Thakin’s Allegations of Framing his Family Saying the Junta Never Lies



Prawit said the government never lies but still sticks to its road map in moving the country forward


BANGKOK – Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan on Monday dismissed foremer Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s allegation that the government had framed him and his family, saying it always deals with cases in a straightforward manner through proper legal channels.

Prawit said there was no drama at play when dealing with cases and the government always adheres to the rule of law, apparently responding to claims made by the former prime minister on his Facebook page on Friday.

Breaking a long silence, Thaksin expressed frustration at being blamed for, or linked to, recent incidents including the 2015 Erawan Shrine bombing and attacks in the deep South.

His family, he said, was also being targeted, referring to the ongoing attempt to collect tax on Shin Corp shares that were sold more than a decade ago.

Thaksin, living in exile, insisted on his loyalty to the monarchy, and said coups were dangerous for the country.

Prawit said the government never lies and is still sticking to its road map in moving the country forward

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