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Father Stabs Wife and Daughter, 12 to Death then Lights them ablaze in his Truck



He then burned their bodies using the papers from  newspapers as fuel

He burned their bodies using newspaper as fuel


CHUMPHON – The Royal Thai Police have arrested a drug addicted father who was  responsible for the murder of his wife and his 12 year old daughter in Samut Sakhon

Police returned to the scene of a grisly crime today with the father who admitted to killing his wife and daughter in their vehicle along Rama II Road before setting it afire with their bodies and then fleeing.

Police said Rames Rattana, 37, stabbed his wife and 12-year-old daughter to death in a yaba-fueled frenzy on Saturday while they were driving to Bangkok from their home in Chumphon province.

After an argument with his wife Orawan Rattana, 37, police said Rames attempted to stab her with a knife but instead stabbed his 12-year-old daughter as she attempted to shield her mother’s body. As Orawan got out of the car to escape, Rames chased after her and stabbed her to death.

Turning back to his injured 12-year-old girl, Rames reportedly told police he decided to kill her too because he did not know how to rescue or seek treatment for her.

After that, Rames put burned both bodies in the vehicle before fleeing.

Arun Rattana, 17, an older daughter who refused to go on a trip with her family, said her father was a drug addict and always had hallucinations that his family wanted to kill him. They had tried to seek treatment for Rames, but he could never be helped.

The relatives are grieving their loved ones’ tragic deaths, Thairath reported.

Meanwhile, In the Bangkok post, a 19-year-old man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly killing a four-year-old boy in a fit of rage after he broke his brand new tablet computer.

The suspect allegedly confessed during police interrogation that the victim angered him after he dropped a new tablet, which his father had just bought for him last week. The tablet hit the ground and broke. He took the boy to a palm tree plantation behind the school, assaulted him 15 times about the head and torso and threw his body in the pond.

The teenager has been charged with assault causing death, Pol Col Chokchai said.

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