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Day 3 of “Songkran’s Seven Dangerous Days” 181 Dead and 1,777 Injured



Only in a single day yesterday 65 were killed in 750 accidents

Only in a single day yesterday 65 were killed in 750 accidents

BANGKOK – The Department of Public Disasters Prevention and Mitigation reported today that a total of 181 people died and 1,777  have been injured in the third day of the Songkran festival celebration from April 11-13.

Only in a single day yesterday 65 were killed in 750 accidents, it said.

Buriram registered the highest death of 10 people in the three day period, while Chiang Mai had the highest accumulated number of 80 injured.

Yesterday the total road death toll in two days stood at 116 killed and 981 injured.

Meanwhile the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) says a total of 64,310 drivers were arrested and 1,565 vehicles compounded during its no drink driving campaign from April 9-13.

NCPO deputy spokesperson Col Sirichan Ngathong said these drivers were arrested from various roads for drink driving and would be charged with reckless driving.

She also said the overall picture of the Songkran festival in many places was peaceful and in order.

She said the NCPO would like to thank the people for their cooperation to make the peaceful celebration of  the  festival, and observe its road safety campaign.

Meawhile, a temporary “morgue” has been set up at the I-Mobile stadium in Buriram province to accommodate trouble-makers who allegedly ruin the Songkran festive atmosphere

It was reported that the detainees would be kept in the dark in the “morgue” until the end of the celebrations after which they will be turned over to the police for legal actions.

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