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Chiang Rai Prepare, May is Hottest Month of the Year



Doing almost anything to Cool Off in Thailand

Doing almost anything to Cool Off in Thailand

CHIANG RAI – The Meteorological Department says the hottest month of this year will fall on next month from May 1-15.

Though April 27 is expected to be the hottest day when  the sun is being directly overhead of Thailand, the coming thunderstorms and strong winds from now till April 30 are likely to blow away the hot weather,” said Songkran Agsorn, Deputy Director-General for Technical Services.

The weather is forecast to be sizzling hot till mid-May and then start to cool down and go into the rainy season, starting in the South, he said.

Country-wide, the hottest period was also expected for that time with average temperatures being 38-39 Celsius. Mr Songkran noted that the mercury in April this year was not as high as in previous years because of the occasional high pressure system. The rainy season would arrive by the end of May, later than in past years.

Mae Hong Son was expected to be the province with the highest temperature in the country. The northern province experienced Thailand’s record high temperature of 44 Celsius in 2010. Kanchanaburi would be the hottest province in the Central region, Mr Songkran added.

He also asked he public  to closely monitor weather forecast news and prepare for torrential tropical storms between April 26 and 30, starting from the northeast first after a strong high pressure system moving down  cover the region.

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