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Play Store May Soon Have AI-Generated FAQs As Part Of Its Offerings



Play Store May Soon Have AI-Generated FAQs As Part Of Its Offerings

(CTN News) – Every Android smartphone user should have access to the Google Play Store. The Play Store was only a matter of time since Google embraced AI across a wide range of its products. As a result of newly discovered code from the latest version of the Android app marketplace, we are now getting an early glimpse at what Google plans for the Play Store.

Several strings have been revealed by prominent Android app researcher AssembleDebug (via SpAndroid) in a teardown of Google Play Store version 38.4.12, which indicate the future integration of artificial intelligence through autogenerated FAQs (frequently asked questions) within individual app and game listings.

Our disappointment is that there is no screenshot showing these new AI-generated FAQs in action, although the strings allegedly found within the Play Store app’s code do not leave anything to the imagination:

Moreover, the app researcher claims that this is not an experimental feature, but rather one that will eventually be added to the Play Store, citing a precedent set with the Download Buddy feature, which was under development since last year but was released in September.

AssembleDebug states that although there are a couple of flags for this new feature, enabling them does not seem to activate it just yet. The AI FAQs will appear under the details section of each app and game listing. There is hope that future updates of the Play Store will reveal more about AI-generated FAQs on the Play Store. However, it is still early days for AI-generated FAQs on the Play Store.

There have been multiple updates to the Google Play Store in the last few weeks. Recently,

Google announced new rules for Android developers, requiring them to test their apps with at least 20 people for at least two weeks.

Before the app is rolled out to millions of users, the idea here is to identify and fix glitches and bugs more effectively. Aside from the obvious advantages associated with having a properly functioning app, Google claims that these newly added tools will help developers generate 3x as many app installations and user engagements, on average. In other words, this is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

As part of the Epic vs Google trial, some not-so-encouraging information was disclosed, adding to the seemingly never-ending list of legal issues facing Google. Google pitched Netflix a deal to continue using Play Store billing during the trial, according to documents released during the trial.

However, Netflix refused to budge and still does not allow Android users to subscribe to its tiers from the dedicated app, forcing them to use their mobile or desktop browser instead.


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