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Best VPN Server Locations for Streaming Content

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People worldwide use VPN providers’ services for many different reasons – enhancing their online safety, avoiding price discrimination, and more. The most common use of a VPN server is accessing their content and accounts, such as legitimate streaming platforms to which you already subscribe.

If you’re traveling or living abroad, a VPN can allow you to access services and content specific to your home country, such as streaming services, banking websites, or news platforms.

Choosing the Right VPN for You

There are many VPN providers you can choose from, depending on their average speed, monthly or annual subscription costs, payment methods, and number of servers available worldwide.

If you’re looking for an affordable VPN that prioritizes your online safety while offering over 20 thousand servers in 135 countries, Mysterium VPN might be the perfect choice! You can choose from many other VPN solutions, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

The Best VPN Server Locations for Streaming Content

Let’s examine the best VPN server locations for streaming content, from the average broadband internet speed to the availability of streaming platforms in those VPN server locations.


  • Average internet speed: 229.96 Mbps.
  • Torrenting is legal: Yes, for personal use.
  • Available streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, YouTube.

Switzerland is the paradise of every privacy-concerned online user. Your internet activity and data won’t be monitored because the country isn’t part of the 14-eyes alliance. Although Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, it has its own Act on Data Protection (DPA). This ruling is strict on what kind of information about you can be collected by companies, how this data is processed, and who has access to it.

Downloading copyrighted content for personal use is legal in Switzerland; as a result, no one will bat an eye if they see you downloading all 20 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy to your laptop before a trip. However, downloading copyrighted material isn’t the same as sharing it – that’s illegal, and you should think long and hard before becoming a seeder.


  • Average internet speed: 203.81 Mbps.
  • Torrenting is legal: No.
  • Available streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN+, etc.

Although the USA is a member of the 14-eyes alliance, the sheer amount of available streaming platforms and the average internet speed make the USA one of the best VPN server locations for streaming content.

While the USA’s privacy laws could improve, California is one notable state that has already stepped up its privacy game with the Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which involves some restrictions on personal information collection, use, and disclosure.

The UK

  • Average internet speed: 102.24 Mbps.
  • Torrenting is legal: No.
  • Available streaming platforms: BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, etc.

The United Kingdom is probably the second-best VPN server location for streaming content after the USA. It is also the easiest place in Europe to access through a VPN because all reputable VPN providers offer servers in the country.

This country is fantastic for connecting to a VPN for privacy, streaming, and fast speeds – especially in Europe. While torrenting in the UK is not recommended, the other aspects make it an overall good VPN location.


  • Average internet speed: 201.47 Mbps.
  • Torrenting is legal: Yes, for personal use.
  • Available streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Rakuten TV, FuboTV, etc.

As part of the European Union, Spain must comply with GDPR, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This means that Spanish internet users have the right to consent or withdraw consent for their personal information collection and usage – still, any data you allow access to may be shared with some other countries if needed.

Like in Switzerland, Torrenting is legal in Spain, so you can download copyrighted material for personal use without any legal restrictions. However, it’s important to mention that sharing such copyrighted material is still illegal.

Final Thoughts

Not every VPN-provided location is suitable for every purpose. Knowing which service location to choose is imperative if you want privacy or good speeds, making your online life much easier.

When choosing the right VPN server location for streaming content, we recommend considering aspects such as the internet infrastructure, local privacy regulations, internet speed, and the streaming platforms available in that given location.



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