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Google Employees Protest Collaboration With Israel’s Government

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(CTN News) – It is reported that a group of Google employees staged a high-profile protest in front of Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, demanding the immediate cessation of the company’s collaboration with the Israeli government.

As a result of the protest, which lasted more than eight hours, several employees were arrested for refusing to leave the premises until their demands were met.

An employee faction in California and New York organized the protest in protest of Google’s involvement in the billion-dollar AI contract Project Nimbus, which was signed in 2021. According to the Daily Wire, discontent among Google employees with the Israeli government reached its peak.

On Twitch, the demonstrators, affiliated with the No Tech for Apartheid movement within Google, voiced their grievances under the hashtag #notech4apartheid.

The petitioners called for the complete severance of Google’s ties with the Israeli military and government, citing ethical concerns and a purported “health and safety crisis” among its employees.

A company representative approached the protesters shortly before dusk descended and informed them of their administrative leave status, urging them to leave. In spite of this, protesters stood firm, prompting the intervention of law enforcement. An arrest of the protesting employees marked the dramatic conclusion of the sit-in, which was called by the police.

Software engineer Emaan Haseem, one of the protestors, expressed her reluctance to risk her job, but insisted it was important to condemn Project Nimbus and any support for the Israeli government.

According to Haseem, a number of colleagues had quit Google due to concerns regarding Project Nimbus, citing its detrimental effects on mental health.

This protest shed light on the perception among Google employees that Project Nimbus is contributing to the use of artificial intelligence in current conflicts, particularly the Gaza conflict, which has been referred to as the first instance of AI-driven genocide.

Not only does the incident highlight the mounting dissent within Google, but it also raises profound ethical questions concerning the responsibilities of technology giants in global political and human rights issues

. It was hoped that the protesting employees would catalyze a shift within the company by encouraging it to reconsider its contractual obligations and the moral implications of its technological endeavors.


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