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Taxis In GTA Online: How To Fast Travel



Taxis In GTA Online: How To Fast Travel

(CTN News) – Due to the large size of the map in GTA Online, players may find it difficult to travel from one location to another.

GTA Online offers a variety of transportation options, but the most recent update has made getting from point A to point B even simpler. With Rockstar Games’ permission, taxis can now be used in GTA Online for fast travel.

Los Santos offers plenty of fun activities for players, including gambling at the Diamond Casino, purchasing secret vehicles in GTA Online, and causing general mayhem.

Regardless of the objectives players choose to pursue, GTA Online’s fast travel can make traversing Los Santos a breeze.

Players can make some extra cash with Taxi Jobs, but they can also use the company’s cabs for fast travel, albeit at a pretty steep rate.

GTA Online: How to Get Around Using Taxis

According to the YouTube channel Digital Card Addict, Fast Travel is the same in GTA as it is in GTA Story Mode. In GTA Online, players can use their in-game phone to call Downtown Cab Co to send a taxi to their current location.

Taxis in GTA are useless once a mission has failed, but players willing to wait a few minutes can still make use of them.

In order for the taxi to reach players, players will need to position themselves by the side of the road. This is likely to be on the side of a road.

GTA Online players can hop into a taxi once it arrives at their location. The player can select a predefined route once inside.

It is possible to set a custom waypoint despite being restricted to certain locations that have blips on the map. When players select a destination on GTA inaccurate map, they can use the Trip Skip option to fast-travel there.

Despite skipping the ride immediately getting players to their destination, this option costs $1000 per skipped ride. Despite this steep price, some players consider it a reasonable price.

It must be noted that GTA Online players must be willing to spend extra money in order to access this feature.

Fast-traveling is not possible throughout GTA 5’s Los Santos, so if players mark a random waypoint on the map and try to fast travel there, it will not work.

There is also a 48-minute cooldown on the fast travel option in GTA Online’s taxis (or a 5-minute cooldown for GTA Plus members), so players can’t just keep using it.


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