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Minecraft Bedrock To 1.20 APK Version Update For Android [+What To Expect]




(CTN NEWS) – The Trails & Tales update is now available on all platforms thanks to the arrival of the Minecraft 1.20 update. The official and final version has been made accessible after several months of snapshots, betas, and pre-releases.

This indicates that the APK file is now available for Android device users. These gadgets have one of the most inventive ways to download game updates.

However, it is a quick process, and once it is set up, you may start a world with camels, armour trims, and cherry blossoms.

Minecraft APK Version 1.20 For Android

To get the update, click this link to go to the Minecraft website on the Google Play Store.

You can also follow these manual steps:

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for Minecraft. Type the name in and then select the correct app, which should be the first one on the screen.
  3. As long as you have installed the game, it will prompt you to update the application. If not, you will need to install the game. Either way, the latest version will be downloaded.
  4. Head back to the home screen and wait for the download to finish. Open it up from there and play the Trails & Tales update.

It should just take a few minutes to complete this. Mobile devices typically update applications very quickly, despite the fact that it is a big update to the game.

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What To Expect In Minecraft 1.20 APK

The 1.20 version is the most recent of many significant changes, but it has a lot to offer.

On the island, Cherry Blossom biomes will now spawn. Cherry trees will provide as a visual cue to players of their location, and their pink leaves may be seen from hundreds of blocks away.

Sniffers do not naturally spawn, however their eggs can be discovered in dubious sand in warm waters. A Sniffer can spawn and start digging up seeds after you brush it away to receive the egg.

Organic spawning in camels occurs occasionally. In a Minecraft desert village, they can only do this once. In addition, if they die there, they do not respawn. This will make them a relatively uncommon mob.

A brand-new item called armour trims can be found in suspicious sand and gravel as well as generated constructions. These can be used to alter how an item of armour appears, making it much more artistic.

With the formal launch of Trails & Tales, the public can now access all of this and more.


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