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Indian Betting Sites that are Worth Your Attention



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Chiang Rai Times x Tim Harrison: Navigating the Waters of Worth It and Not Worth It Sportsbooks in India

Indian Betting Sites: Betting in India is not the same as gambling in European countries or any other part of the world. The regulation for online gambling is still not refined enough to make bold claims on opportunities. For this very reason, we have Tim Harrison, a betting expert from BetZillion, to clarify all of our and your confusions.

In this post, Tim will reflect on the legal aspects of betting in the country and guide you to find the bookmakers worth your time. It is going to be a concentrated learning experience. So, please pay attention.

Before he goes deep, Tim wants you to have access to the local betting sites in India so that you can start wagering right after you’re done with this post.

Legal Aspects of Betting in India

To this day, betting in India is regulated by The Public Gambling Act, 1867. Needless to say, it’s an ancient piece of legislation imposed by the British colony appropriate for that era. According to the act, any game that requires skills is legal.

In that sense, online casino games like slots are deemed illegal. Other games like poker, roulette, teen Patti, and others are considered legal. It makes sports betting completely legal because you have to use your judgment and knowledge of past events to place an accurate bet.

Also, the online gambling industry is not yet regulated. So, it would be wrong for us to claim that online slots are illegal in India. Tim let us know that offline gambling is only available in Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. You won’t find any land-based casinos or sportsbooks for the rest of the country.

So, the bottom line on the legal aspects of betting is that online gambling is completely legal. So, if you’ve been looking for a good and reliable bookmaker to wager some of your money, feel free to delve into the list Tim provided.

In the next section, Tim Harrison is going to guide you on filtering through the numerous offshore and local online gambling venues.

Tim Harrison to Chiang Rai Times: How to Filter Betting Sites that Are Worthy of Your Attention?

As a bona fide betting expert, Tim has dealt with enough online betting sites to know how to navigate the waters. He has agreed to share his knowledge with Chiang Rai Times and in return, with you.

So, here’s Tim’s guide on how to find the betting sites in India that are worthy of your attention.

Always Start with the License

The biggest parameter in determining whether an online bookmaker is worth it or not is the license. A licensed and properly regulated site can ensure a seamless betting experience for Indian punters.

On the other hand, you don’t know whether an unlicensed bookmaker resorts to unfair practices or not. A license is the appropriate government’s way of protecting the players’ interests and punters.

Now, most of the betting sites in India are offshore. It means they’re based outside India, mainly in the European region. So, your first task is finding where the bookmaker is located and whether the proper authority licenses it or not.

The easiest way to do it is by navigating to the website and looking at the footer section. The license information is mostly located there. If not, try the “Terms and Conditions” page. If the bookmaker is based in the UK, it should have a Gambling Commission license. If it’s in Curacao or Cyprus, there should be a license from the Curacao government.

The bottom line is, never waste your time on an unlicensed operator. To stay up to date with regulations and changes in the trend, you should follow local news portals regularly.

Make Sure Your Payment Methods Match

India has dramatically changed the online payment industry in the last few years. Methods like Paytm, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayPal, and Cashfree have made online transfers a breeze. So, as an Indian punter, you should check the betting site first.

The idea here is that you need a site that offers at least one payment method that you have access to. Otherwise, you have to go through the entire process of registering a new payment method, verifying it, and funding it. Most people don’t have this kind of time in their hands.

Browse through the Sports and Markets

According to Tim, cricket games for money is the most prominent sport in India. As he’s the expert today, we agree with him. We’ve heard of the Indian cricket team’s legacy before. As of now, it’s one of the strongest and most successful international teams.

India is also home to the biggest domestic cricket league, the Indian Premier League (IPL). Every year, many new players shine brighter than the stars and eventually make their way into the national team.

The punters in India are crazy about the players and the sport itself. Assuming you’re one of them, Tim knows you’d like unique markets on cricket matches. So, before you invest your time in a betting site, make sure it can meet your needs.

It doesn’t have to be cricket. You’re free to like your sport by all means. Just make sure it’s available at the bookmaker you’re giving your time and money to.

Withdrawal Policies

Many punters forget to check on this aspect of a betting site. Tim often wonders why that is because it’s one of the most important things to look for before committing real money.

The withdrawal policy outlines the minimum and maximum limits, any fees that might apply, the processing time for withdrawal requests, and any other requirement you may have to comply with.

Like there are operators with punter-friendly policies, bookmakers try to trap the money.

A rule of thumb is to bet on sites where the processing time is between 24 hours and 48 hours. It’s the standard timeframe across the world. Also, a betting site with a higher withdrawal limit per month is preferable.

Look for an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Like any other industry, there is always a chance for dispute between the operator and the punter on betting sites. If that happens, it’s always better if the operator has an ADR employed. The job of an ADR is to resolve the dispute from a neutral perspective.

If the operator doesn’t have an ADR, customer support will resolve the disputes. That’s not always fair for the punters. In some cases, the licensing authority interferes with the dispute resolution. The Curacao licenses are a prime example.

The most common forms of ADR for civil cases are mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, settlement conferences and community dispute resolution programs:

  • Mediation.
  • Arbitration.
  • Neutral Evaluation.
  • Settlement Conferences.
  • Community Dispute Resolution Program.

Final Words

Betting on sports as an Indian punter can be intimidating for obvious reasons. The unclear regulations for the iGaming industry can cause enough confusion for bettors to back out of a deal. Fortunately, we had Tim Harrison from BetZillion with us here today to clarify some of the notions for good.

Even better, now you know which betting sites are worthy of your time and which are not.


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