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Road Safety Centre Opens as New Years 7 Dangerous Days Begins

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Road Safety Centre Opens as New Years Holiday7 dangerous days begins

The Road Safety Operation Center has opened as the New Year holiday exodus begins, thus commencing the 7 dangerous days. Deputy Interior Minister, Niphon Bunyamanee presided over the opening of the command center.

The Road Safety Operation Center aims to reduce road accidents during the seven-day period of New Year holiday from Dec 27 to Jan 2.

Traffic accidents rise during the long holiday exodus aka the 7 dangerous days. Prompting authorities to enforce traffic law to curb traffic violations such as speeding and drunk driving.

The deputy minister instructed officials at all sectors to strictly implement the plan. Also map out hot spots to prevent and reduce road accidents.

Provincial authorities were also ordered to inspect road checkpoints to ensure smooth operations.

Monthon Sudprasert, D.G. of the Disaster Prevention Office said that the road safety command center would integrate officials’ operations at every level.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police Bureau is the main operation center in the capital.

Information on road accidents will be collected during this year’s road safety campaign. Consequently for evaluation and improvement in the next year. Also in a bid to cut the number of road accidents to the lowest figure.

The Road Safety Directing Center reported 463 people died on roads during New Years last year. – Infamously called the “7 Dangerous Days.” A total of 3,892 people were injured in 3,791 accidents, the center reported.