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Starbucks’ Alleged Opening In Oran, Algeria Revealed To Be a Hoax



Starbucks' Alleged Opening In Oran, Algeria Revealed To Be a Hoax

(CTN News) – The recent buzz that surrounded the opening of what was supposed to be the first American Starbucks coffee shop in Oran, Algeria, has taken a surprising turn after it has been confirmed that it was a hoax.

As of recent days, social media has been swamped with videos claiming the opening of a store in the Algerian city has been announced. Aside from the unmistakable Starbucks logo, the crowned mermaid with a twin tails, along with the coffee cups and interior design that have become synonymous with the global coffee giant, you could see the visuals.

In the wake of the announcement of the opening of the store, residents were filled with excitement. Due to the lack of an official announcement from Starbucks regarding a new store in Algeria, there was some skepticism regarding the announcement.

Due to an unexpected surge in customer traffic, the purported store also faced operational challenges, including abrupt closures three hours before its stated closing time due to an unexpected surge in customer traffic.

A number of reports circulated on social media have noted excessively long queues and the premature depletion of stock, raising doubts about the legitimacy of the store as a whole.

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As a result, many Algerians turned to the official website of Starbucks in an attempt to verify the fact that the American coffee giant is present in their country. In spite of this, there was no mention of a location in Algeria.

It didn’t take long before locals took to Twitter, asking questions and tagging Starbucks’ official account in order to seek an official response to their complaints.

The official Twitter account responded quickly to the rumors, putting them to rest once and for all. Hello, I would like to thank you for reaching out to me. There has not been an opening at this location,” Starbucks said in a statement.

The public has called on local authorities to investigate the matter and ensure that the public is not deceived by false representations of international brands, as many have called on them to do so.


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