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Seattle Grade 10 Student Failed for Saying Men Can’t Get Pregnant



Seattle Grade 10 Student Failed for Saying Men Can’t Get Pregnant

A mother in the state of Washington is dissatisfied with Seattle Public Schools (SPS) after her son received a failing grade on an Ethnic Studies quiz despite providing accurate and scientific responses. An activist history teacher failed the student for saying only women can get pregnant and that only men have penises.

An assessment entitled “Comprehending Gender and Sex” was administered by an Ethnic Studies World History instructor at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle to tenth-grade pupils. Respondents were required to select true or false for a series of statements or multiple-choice questions on the examination.

A significant number of the inquiries pertained to the utilization of personal pronouns. What does the use of “they” or “them” pronouns indicate regarding a person’s gender identity? or presumptions that an individual might form regarding gender identity. (“True or false: transgender individuals identify as homosexual.”) However, there are two queries that are objectively false, yet students are instructed otherwise.

In question 4, which stated, “All men have penises.” Since the assertion is true, the student ascribed the label “true” to it. The teacher, however, penalized the response by labeling it as incorrect. The instructor asserts that it is possible for women to possess a penis.

Question 7 presented the following true or false statement: “Pregnancy is exclusively a female occurrence.” Once again, the student selected “true” to indicate that pregnancy is exclusively a female occurrence. Again, the instructor penalized the pupil, maintaining that the response was incorrect. A male can become impregnated, according to the instructor.

The quiz became publicly known subsequent to the mother’s communication with Jason Rantz, anchor of the conservative talk show KTTH 770 AM in Seattle. Rantz stated that two queries pertaining to sexual identity were marked inaccurately.

One inquiry pertained to the infertility of males, to which the student responded accurately; the other concerned whether genitalia are exclusive to males, and the student again responded accurately. The student’s responses were, nevertheless, deemed incorrect by the instructor who administered the examination.

The mother told Rantz, “I continue to struggle with comprehending how it is permissible to instruct students on false information and require them to respond against their convictions in order to avoid receiving failing grades.”

Libs of TikTok reposted the quiz question graphic from the Rantz story with the following caption: “This is not a work of fiction. A student was failing an exam because they responded negatively to the statement “Men cannot conceive and all men have p*n*ses.”

Seattle Public Schools is “tight-lipped” regarding the controversy, according to KOMO News of Seattle, and indirectly validated the story.

In response to KOMO’s inquiry regarding the incident, the district stated unequivocally that the quiz would not have any bearing on the student’s ultimate grade. Simultaneously, the district attempted to defend the quiz without addressing the incident explicitly.

The Seattle Public Schools spokesperson told KOMO’s Crisis in the Classroom reporter, “SPS is committed to fostering inclusive environments that encourage the exploration of contemporary issues, particularly the examination of power systems such as racism and patriarchy.” “This commitment also encompasses establishing an environment that encourages reflective examination and discourse regarding these matters.”

When KOMO requested additional clarification, the district merely cited the statement.

“Seattle Public Schools is unwilling to comment further because they are aware that their support for the notions that men can become pregnant and women have penises will earn them ridicule,” Rantz told KOMO. “They are cognizant of the political motivations, thus they prefer to avoid excessive scrutiny regarding their indoctrination.”

In the interim, the mother stated on the Rantz program that she is “proud” of her son “for refusing to provide an answer that contradicts his beliefs,” which were once scientifically and medically accurate.

However, she is concerned about the political climate within Seattle classrooms, according to Rantz, who described the mother as a moderate liberal.

“It demonstrates a discord between the views of their own party and the progressive activists who promote gender extremism,” stated Rantz.

Additionally, the talk show presenter expresses concern that the quiz appears to have no bearing on World History and that political extremists may use politically charged tests to identify and harass those who hold opposing views.

Teachers have already referred to her son as “f****d and racist,” a “product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys to care about nothing,” and “straight” is an offensive term to use when identifying one’s sexual orientation, according to the mother, who disclosed this information to Rantz.

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