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How to Design a Kid’s Bedroom – A Designer’s Guide



How to Design a Kid’s Bedroom – A Designer’s Guide

Do you remember what your room looked like when you were a kid? Was it creative and fun? Or Cozy or warm? Well, no matter what the decor was, I am sure it still holds a special place in your heart even today. That’s one of the fundamental reasons why when it comes to designing your kid’s room, you must do it right. Because it is going to become a happy place even when they grow up. And, if you are looking for design tips, we have you sorted. Today, we bring you easy-tips to on how to design a kid’s bedroom. Take a look.

When you Design a Kid’s Bedroom it starts with the Mattress

One of the most important things in a room is definitely the mattress. So, while you are scouting for the best one, take a look at all mattress types and benefits it offers. For kids, generally, latex mattresses are suggested as they come with a host of benefits.

If you are wondering, what is a latex mattress? It is an eco-friendly, natural, allergy-free product made of latex foam. There are two types- Dunlop and Talalay. This is an incredible choice for your kids as it can keep any potential allergies away and ensure they enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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Wall Art

If your kid is young, you can install a chalkboard on the wall where your little one can doodle and enhance his or her artistic abilities. However, if your kid is nearing teenage years, opt for colorful modern art as it uplifts the decor of the room and gives them an adult-like feeling that teenagers crave for. You can also use maps, old drawings, and more to decorate the wall. Here, you can unleash your creativity.

A Book Shelf

This is for older kids who like reading. A bookshelf filled with books and a cozy chair in the corner is a dream come true. For younger kids, you can decorate a shelf with their favorite toys. However, ensure that the self is mounted to the wall for safety purposes.

Bunk Beds

If you have two or more children, then a bunk bed is the best option. And, if they like adventure, you can opt for custom bunk-beds and design it in a way that your kids will enjoy.

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Black And White Decor

For older children, a black and white decor is perfect as it is classy and clean. With posters with cool saying and a few planters to give it a touch of color, you can even embrace a sports theme here.

Just Like A Zoo

If your little one is an animal lover, then you can come up with a zoo decor where you place stuffed animals strategically all over the room. Go for the full-sized ones to add a feel to it and make sure you choose a bright color for the walls.

The Princess Theme

If your young one is a fan of the princess theme, then it is the easiest as all you need to do is jazz up the room with princess-like accessories. From placing a tiara on the side table to bedazzling the legs of the cot with blinky ornaments, you can make it as feminine and princess-y as possible.

So, these were some of the tips to help you transform your child’s room. Hope they were helpful. 


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