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His Majesty Urges Compassion for 2013



His Majesty the King yesterday delivered his 2012 New Year’s television message to the people, while his New Year’s card to Thai subjects showed the King with his pet dog, Khun Thong Daeng, by his side.


BANGKOK – His Majesty the King called on all Thais to extend compassion to one another as a way to lead a happy life in the royal New Year’s greeting card released by Chitralada Palace on Sunday night.

Citing the recent flood disaster as a reminder that people often encounter suffering, dangers and obstacles in their lives, he urged all to always be prepared for such trouble with caution, with reason, with principle and with Dhamma for unity. Urging people to maintain heedfulness with consciousness and wisdom at all times, the King said people with duties should speedily complete their work. He said the achievements would make them happy and prosper, while also making the country secure and helping it move forward in happiness and prosperity. He also extended his wishes for Thais to be protected and to enjoy happiness and success in the coming year.

The New Year card, featuring His Majesty in casual dress and flanked by the royal pet dogs, Khun Thong Daeng and Khun Mali, contains a poem of the royal message as well as a royal blessing for his subjects.

In a royal tradition extended to the Thai people for the past several years, the King said in the poem that compassion is a virtue which can bring happiness to all.

The gratitude expressed for those who extend their compassion will add to caring and friendship, His Majesty said.

The card carries His Majesty’s “Happy New Year” message on the right-hand side.

The card, which was released at about 7.45pm on Sunday, is framed with lines of small human faces – all wearing smiles.

The King also looks cheerful with a light smile on his face.

His Majesty’s message came on the eve of New Year as people across the country looked forward to the countdown to 2013.



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