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Donald Trump’s Gag Order Is Reinstated By a New York Judge



Donald Trump's Gag Order Is Reinstated By a New York Judge

(CTN News) – Former President Donald Trump has been subjected to another gag order as New York Judge Arthur Engoron reinstates the communication restraint in the ongoing civil fraud trial.

The lifting of the temporary gag order by Associate Justice David Friedman earlier this month has been overruled, highlighting the judge’s dedication to protecting his staff from unwarranted harassment.

In the initial stages of the trial, a gag order was imposed, preventing all parties, including Trump, from making any comments regarding Judge Engoron’s staff.

The judge’s legal clerk had to endure a barrage of intrusive communications, including numerous phone calls, social media messages, and emails.

Furthermore, Engoron’s chambers were inundated with a distressing influx of menacing phone calls, written correspondence, and parcels, which necessitated the implementation of precautionary measures.

Associate Justice David Friedman, in the midst of deliberating an appeal from Trump’s legal team, temporarily lifted the restriction on speech, citing its potential violation of the constitution.

Nevertheless, this reprieve was of brief duration as Engoron reinstated the order, underscoring the significance of safeguarding his staff from potential danger.

Trump has already encountered financial consequences for contravening the initial prohibition on public statements, resulting in fines amounting to $15,000.

Engoron interpreted Trump’s comments outside the courtroom, where he suggested partisanship not only on the judge’s part but also on someone “alongside him,” as an infraction.

Additionally, a Truth Social post was also included in the list of infractions. Despite facing fines and being called back to the witness stand, Trump’s legal team remains unwavering in their challenge against the gag order’s constitutionality.

This legal dispute over communication restrictions further complicates an already high-profile civil fraud case, highlighting the importance of balancing legal proceedings with the protection of individuals involved in the trial.


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