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Biden Corruption Whistleblower Dr. Gal Luft Suddenly Hit with Federal Charges



Biden Corruption Whistleblower Dr. Gal Luft

Dr. Gal Luft, a key figure in House Republicans’ investigation of the Biden family’s international influence-peddling has had charges laid against him by the Biden Department of Justice in the district of Manhattan in New York a Democrat stronghold.

According to  the New York Post, a missing 57-year-old Israeli Professor Dr. Gal Luft, who has become a key figure in corruption investigations against US President Joe Biden, has reappeared in a video making accusations against the president.

The Post obtained a 14-minute video in which Luft made new allegations against Biden.

Dr. Gal Luft was charged on Monday in Manhattan, New York, by the Biden Department of Justice with acting as an unregistered agent of China and attempting to broker the sale of weapons and Iranian oil.

He has been accused of recruiting and paying a former high-ranking US government official on behalf of principals based in China in 2016, without registering as a foreign agent as required by law, during an investigation by the Republican Congress into President Joe Biden for abuse of office while he was vice president.

According to the New York Post, Dr. Luft accused Biden of bribery and accepting payments from people with ties to Chinese military intelligence. Luft also claimed that the FBI had a snitch who shared classified information with CEFC, a China-controlled energy company.

He also claimed that Biden met with his son Hunter and CEFC officials at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC. Rob Walker, a Biden family associate, has since confirmed this. According to Luft’s claims, CEFC pays Hunter Biden $100,000 per month and Jim Biden $65,000 per month.

“During a two-day intensive meeting, I shared my knowledge of the Biden family’s financial transactions with CEFC, including specific dollar figures.” I also gave Rob Walker’s name, who later became known as Hunter Biden’s bagman.”

“I, who volunteered to notify the US government about a potential security breach and compromising information about a man running for president, am now being pursued by the very people I informed — and may have to live on the run for the rest of my life…” According to Luft in the video.

“I’m not a Democrat. I don’t identify as a Democrat. I have no political motivations or agenda… I did it because I was concerned that if the Bidens were elected, the country would be subjected to the same traumatic Russia collusion scandal — only this time with China. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened as a result of the DOJ’s cover-up.”

“I warned the government about the possibility of jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections… “Who is the true criminal in this story?” you might ask.

Luft is accused of conspiring to sell Chinese weapons to Kenya, Libya, and the UAE, as well as violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and making a false statement, all of which he denies.

“The DOJ claims I paid former CIA Director James Woolsey $6,000 per month to put his name on an article I ghostwrote for the China Daily newspaper… Woolsey had been a think tank adviser since 2002, and nothing in the article represented Chinese interests,” Luft explained.

“Why am I being indicted… for ghostwriting an innocuous article for which I received no payment, let alone from a foreign government, while the Bidens’ systemic influence-peddling on behalf of foreign governments, for which they raked in millions, goes unpunished?”
Professor Gal Luft’s mysterious disappearance

Luft was arrested in Cyprus in an attempt to prevent him from testifying against Biden. He skipped bail in April to avoid extradition because he didn’t believe he would get a fair trial in New York.

According to the Jerusalem Post, House Oversight Chairman James Comer stated that Luft is still a “potential witness.”

Luft has demanded that the US government release the minutes of a meeting in Brussels, as well as any evidence the government claims it has against him.

“Why did the Justice Department choose to unseal the indictment on November 1, 2022, the same week as the midterm elections?” Luft inquired.

“Could this have anything to do with the fear that once Republicans gain control of Congress and begin to investigate, [the DOJ] cover-up would be on full display?”

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