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Thai Monk Punishes Dog for Killing Cat



Wat Sri Boon Ruang


MUKDAHAN – In an unusual punishment, the abbot of a popular temple in Thailand punished a dog that killed a kitten, by hanging the dead cat around its neck, drawing angry reactions from online readers.

Dead kitten around the dog’s neck

A monk at the temple in Mukdahan Province told reporters that the dog, which was raised there, bit one of the kittens to death when the monks were collecting alms one morning.

To teach the dog a lesson, abbot Phra Thong decided to hang the dead kitten around the dog’s neck, using a piece of the monk’s robe.

The unusual punishment imposed by the abbot of Wat Sri Boon Ruang has astonished people visiting the temple and internet dwellers, and negative comments poured in through various social media platforms.

Phra believed that this punishment would stop the dog from attacking other cats again, he said to the ‘Bangkok Post’. Phra said that he had punished other dogs in similar fashion and it had worked before.

Most comments by netizens on social media sites criticised the abbot for punishing the dog in this manner. Here are some of the comments:

“This is crazy.”

“Other dogs in the area are avoiding the dog with the dead cat. I feel bad for the dog.”

“They’re just animals. Please don’t be cruel and act like animals.”

“Great job, monk!”

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