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Police Arrest Thai Woman who Stabbed and Buried her Unwanted Baby Alive



Suda Thongdee at the re-enactment on Saturday. (Photo by Jakkrapan Nathanri)

Suda Thongdee at the re-enactment on Saturday. (Photo by Jakkrapan Nathanri)


KHON KAEN — A 42-year-old Thai woman, Suda Thongdee  has been arrested in Waeng Yai district of Khon Kaen for repeatedly stabbing and burying alive her newborn son.

The Bangkok Post reported that on Saturday Mrs. Suda Thongdee  was taken for a crime re-enactment in a paddy field in Non Sawan village in the district, where her newborn child was found buried alive with multiple stab wounds.

Suda Thongdee, 42, charged with attempted murder is interrogated by police on Saturday

Suda Thongdee, 42, charged with attempted murder is interrogated by police on Saturday

Police escorted her under tight security as angry villagers cursed and yelled at her..

The prematurely born baby boy had been severely stabbed and buried alive before being saved by a rancher who had taken her cows to graze in the area on Tuesday evening.

The baby is being treated in the intensive-care unit of Khon Kaen Hospital. Medical staff there called him “Ai Din” (scent of earth) because the reason he had not bled to death was that his 14 stab wounds had all been covered with dirt.

Mrs. Suda was taken for a physical check-up, which showed she had given birth to a baby five days ago, said Pol Lt Gen Boonlert. The investigators later found the infant’s placenta about 30 metres away from the burial site.

Confronted with the evidence and after intensive interrogation, the suspect confessed to having stabbed her own baby, said the police chief.

“The suspect confessed she did not want the baby as she claimed she already has three sons. We’re investigating further whether more people were involved,’’ said Pol Lt Gen Bunlert.

According to the investigation, the woman and her husband had been hired to cut a tree on that day. While working, she told him that she needed to urinate. She then went to a nearby area where she went into labour and gave birth.

She told police she had used a wood scrap to cut the infant’s umbilical cord before stabbing him several times. She then used a plastic bag to fasten his neck to make sure he would die. She later dug a hole to bury him and covered it with soil and dry leaves.

While she was about to leave the site, the baby’s placenta suddenly came out, prompting her to take off her black sports trousers to cover the placenta before burying it nearby. She left the site, wearing only her pha tung wrap-around tube skirt, and returned home with her husband.

Charnchai Chanvorachaikul, director of Khon Kaen Hospital, said on Saturday afternoon that Ai Din could now breathe and had an 80% chance of survival.

“He can now breathe on his own and the wounds are getting better. However, infection remains a concern. If he’s not infected over the next few days, he can be discharged,” he said.

Following the reports, there have been several requests to adopt him as well as donations, both in cash and baby supplies.

Dr Charnchai said cash donations for the baby now amounted to 61,000 baht.

“Together with the Khon Kaen child and family shelter, we’ll open a bank account under Ai Din’s name and a joint commitee will be set up to authorise withdrawals. Ai Din will be transferred to the shelter’s care immediately after he’s discharged,” the doctor said.

By Jakkrapan Nathanri – Bangkok Post



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