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Days 3 of New Years “7 Dangerous Days 159 Killed and 1,549 Injuries




Thailand’s Road Safety Center has reported that in the first three days of New Years “7 dangerous days” there have been” 1,504 accidents, causing 159 killed and 1,549 injuries. Bangkok having the highest death toll and the most drunk drivers.

The highest death toll was reported in Bangkok, with 10 fatalities. Even more the most accidents were reported  by the northern province of Lampang, with 48. Nakhon Pathom province reported the most people injured in road accidents over the three days, at 56.

The figures dropped from the same period last year thanks to the cooperation of the people and concerned organisations. Authorities are doling their best to prevent accidents, Pol Lt Gen Damrongsak said. Especially between 4pm and 8pm, which are the peak hours.

On Sunday alone there were 531 road accidents, 47 killed and 560 injured people. Drunk driving was given as the most common single cause in about 32% of accidents. Consequently followed by speeding, about 31%, the Road Safety Center reported.

The Road Safety Center that over the three-day period there were 4,601 cases of drink driving reported. Bangkok had the highest number, with 289 offenders. followed by 254 in Khon Kaen and 237 in Maha Sarakham, both in the Northeast.

On Sunday there were 3,894 cases of drunk driving reported, according to the Bangkok Post.


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