The Suspect Review- Aidan Turner, Sadistic Thriller


The Suspect Review- Aidan Turner, Sadistic thriller



The Suspect Review:

Aidan Turner, the possessor of the naked-while-scything torso in Poldark that felled a generation of viewers, is back.

This time, he is in The Suspect movie (ITV), an adaptation of Michael Robotham’s 2004 novel of the same name.

He plays the clothed psychologist Dr. Joseph O’Loughlin

He plays the clothed psychologist Dr. Joseph O’Loughlin and is in possession of a beard so impressive that I suspect it may have required planning permission.

Turner, his admirable cheekbones smothered by a luxuriant bush that would leave Monty Don swooning, is Dr. Joe O’Loughlin, a successful psychologist.

When we first meet him, he is celebrated for a courageous rooftop rescue and basking in the adoration of his lovely family, delightful home, and the world in general.

The suspect

But there’s something stirring under Dr. Joe’s beard.

The murder of a young woman – sadly, we’re on that all too familiar plot path again – throws up curious connections to his past, connections which he ham-fistedly tries to cover up when the police come calling.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joe is treating a disturbed young man fixated on the number 21 whose sole purpose appears to be to provide another suspect in the story.

There’s no denying the plot of The Suspect (2022) hangs on scarcely credible coincidences, and despite his best efforts, Turner struggles to make Dr. Joe come across as anything other than guilty as charged, your honor.

The suspect

One unsettling aspect of his character is that Dr. Joe has recently been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s, which I sincerely hope is not just a plot device to make him extra twitchy. Because that would be seriously bad taste.

What it all boils down to, as the investigating DI pithily points out, is this: Is Dr. Joe a rooftop hero or a sick killer?

And for all its hackneyed moody menace and slithery red herrings, I suspect I’ll be tuning in to The Suspect cast to find out if Aidan’s beard really is as guilty as it looks.

The verdict’s on a razor’s edge.

What is the suspect (2022 release date)

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The Suspect airs on ITV this Monday at 9 pm.

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