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Top 3 Tips for Creating the Best Presentation Design

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No matter if you are tasked with presenting at the company board meeting, giving a keynote address, or making a pitch to a group of investors, your presentation design will be critical. While you will be providing the energy and the message, your PowerPoint will be the vehicle for moving your presentation along. Your presentation will support your message, allow your audience to visualize data and information, and highlight your key points.

From the very first slide, you only have a few minutes to capture your audience and hold their attention. If your presentation design falls flat, your message will be lost on a distracted audience no longer paying attention to your points.

Complex presentations with too much text, distracting graphics, and too many colours will lead the audience away from your main ideas. With so much riding on your slide deck, you’ll want to pay careful attention to your presentation design and the elements that you include. Let’s take a look at some tips for creating the best presentation design.

1. Keep it simple

Top 3 Tips for Creating the Best Presentation Design


The star of your presentation should be the information and key points. A slide design that has too much text, distracting fonts, and overly busy backgrounds will take the focus away from the information. Your audience wants to know the point of your presentation. If you are presenting to business people or investors, they want to know the bottom line. If you are presenting to your colleagues, they want to know why they should agree with you. Your presentation should get to the point.

One of the key principles for creating powerful slides is to keep your presentation simple. Be sure to focus on the amount of typography on each slide and balance that with your infographics, illustrations, and key message. You’ll also want to avoid ancillary material that will cloud your message and complicate your design. Using clean and crisp slides that highlight key points and data will make your presentation clear, and your audience won’t be overwhelmed.

2. Maintain consistency.

Top 3 Tips for Creating the Best Presentation Design

The best presentation designs maintain consistency across all of the slides. When crafting your presentation, you should stick to one colour palette, one font family, and the same background. You’ll also want to avoid using a variety of animations and slide transitions.

Your goal is to create a professional business presentation that engages the audience with effective content. Consistency throughout your slide deck unifies your message and helps create a brand identity. A professional design will avoid taking the audience on an up and down journey through multiple splashes of colour, flashy text, and wild animations. Consistency is the key to better presentations.

3. Visualize data.

Top 3 Tips for Creating the Best Presentation Design

If your keynote presentation or business pitch includes information points and data, it will be beneficial to incorporate visual design elements. Graphs, charts, illustrations, and other infographics promote learning and understanding. Incorporating visuals will help your audience get a better sense of your data and picture the impact that it can have.

For example, if you are discussing quarterly trends, it may be more effective to show this with a line graph rather than just a list of numbers.

A line graph will show your audience the dips and rises in activity to better understand your point. You should also consider when and where to use visual elements.

If they are overused, they can be ineffective and elicit the same response as a long list of data points. Impactful presentations use infographics as a way to highlight important data and information.

Effective presentations tell a compelling narrative with interesting visuals, meaningful text, and simplistic designs. To find the most success with your presentation, you’ll want to engage and inform your audience with a professional presentation design.

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