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Top 10 Reasons to Place Your Company Sign on Billboards



Top 10 Reasons to Place Your Company Sign on Billboards

Billboards: In this article, we will be discussing 10 reasons why street signs are the best advertising medium for you to use. We’ll also talk about how street signs can help your company increase its profits as well as raise awareness of your brand at large.

Billboards are an important part of street furniture. They provide information, they advertise products and services, but they also improve the image of a street.

Many cities in The Netherlands have not yet come to that conclusion though.

1. Does your target market drive by billboards? If yes, then get on one!

2. Studies have shown that a driver is up to 24% more likely to stop when driving past a street sign with an ad message.

3. Millions Of people pass street signs every day—put your message in front of them with street signs from Outdoor Billboards.

4. Street signs stand the test of time and can be seen long after other forms of advertising have gone out of fashion…which street sign will last the longest in your city? It’s probably going to be a street sign advertising a business or product you know & love.

5. Every street name has a unique demographic associated with it, so choose carefully which street signs you want to advertise on.

6. Need Street sign ideas? We’ve got those too! Check out our street billboards gallery and street street-signs gallery for inspiration.

7. Street signs are a great way to boost visibility at, or near, your business location as well as help customers find the quickest route to get there.

8. Outdoor Billboards offers full-colour, high-impact street sign ads that can be customized according to your requirements—are you looking for text-only street signs, or would you like us to incorporate an image? Either way, we can accommodate your needs and make sure it’s 100% right before we print and ship them.

9. A billboard is less likely than other forms of advertising media to be ignored; street signs are paid attention to by potential customers.

10. Street sign ads are easy on your budget. Each street sign ad is completely customizable based on your requirements and budget—designing street signs can be surprisingly affordable when you choose Outdoor Billboards.


How much does it cost to buy billboard street signs?

The cost of a single billboard varies according to the quality, size and duration of the advertisement. Generally speaking, prices start at around €150 for a small text ad or €350 for a simple poster design. You can choose between black & white or full-colour images, the latter will command a higher price. Street signs are good value for money though; you get a lot of bang for your buck!

What is the average cost of renting/buying street signs?

Street sign ads start at €5 per week (on standard A1 size billboards). For shorter durations, rates will be higher of course—€20 per week for 2 weeks or €50 per month. Of course, all prices vary depending on the size of the billboard and the location in which you want to advertise.

You can also design and order your own custom street signs if you so wish—this is a more expensive option but it gives you complete control over your street sign designs. Just get in touch to find out what Outdoor Billboards can do for you, we’re positive you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any other questions about street signs or our billboard advertising services in general, please feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call—our friendly staff are always happy to help. We’ll even send you a free quote if you like.

Street signs are inexpensive and they work! We believe that street sign advertising is the most effective form of cheap outdoor advertising out there–use them on their own, or as part of a broader campaign; either way, the results will speak for themselves.


When it comes to outdoor marketing, street signs work. We’ve all seen them and most of us have even driven past them without really noticing—but they fill up our streets nevertheless. They’re an effective way to get your message out there in a relatively cheap and trouble-free manner. If you need help designing your very own custom street sign ads or billboards, then Outdoor Billboards has you covered.


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