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8 Extra Additions To Your Blog That Can Make It Stand Out



Blog, social media, Youtube

When every other blogger in your niche is competing for online attention for the same kind of individuals as you – how can make your blog stand out from the crowd? Finding the correct balance of novel content could be tricky, particularly when you are initially starting your blog.

In case you’re blogging in a popular niche, the truth is that you need a blueprint to make your blog stand out. In this post, you’ll find the best approaches to help your blog to stand out from the immense competition.

blog, social media, youtube

Create Truly Incredible Content

Creating incredible blog content requires plenty of time, but the return on your investment is worth taking the effort. Furthermore, when the content you make is evergreen, it will serve you for quite a long time to come, particularly if you re-purpose that content into different formats.

When a ton of bloggers are publishing an enormous number of smaller length posts, publishing few yet in-depth blogs could tremendously assist you with separating from the crowd. But, incredible content is something beyond composing a long article. Try not to concentrate on word counts. Rather, create something that will be really helpful and valuable for your readers.

However, having good content is not enough to make your blog stands out. To get the maximum results, you should consider using visuals. Blog posts with graphics are easier to read and would get more shares on social media.

There also are tons of online tools you can use to create graphics for your blog. One tool worth a try is Fotor. It comes with a super easy-to-use interface and an awesome library of templates. With it, you can design blog graphics in minutes.

Quality Over Quantity

Some bloggers publish multiple posts each and every day. Others may just publish a post once every month. Try not to attempt to compete with different sites in your specialty simply by publishing more content.

Rather, focus on prioritizing creating the most excellent content conceivable. At the end of the day, quality matters way more than quantity. Basically, publishing numerous average posts won’t pull in loyal readers. But, publishing only a couple of outstanding posts will unquestionably assist you with standing out.


One of the most significant but often disregarded factors in blogging success is networking. Each and every accomplished blogger is very much connected with different bloggers and persuasive individuals in their niche.

Obviously, having an effective blog makes it a lot simpler to build a network. However, numerous successful bloggers are successful because they prioritized building their network ever since the inception of their blogs.

Probably the most effortless way is to leave comments on other people’s blogs. Each blogger wants to get comments on their blogs, and on the off chance that you regularly comment on certain blogs, the blogger will definitely recognize you.

Sharing other bloggers’ posts via social media websites is additionally an incredible method to foster your network. Your network doesn’t need to be restricted to just bloggers, either. You can build connections with affiliate administrators, potential publicists, and advertisers as well as other people who are associated with your specialty somehow or the other.

Be Original With Your Ideas

Most bloggers go to other blogs when they’re searching for ideas. This can include going through different sites or checking Pinterest boards to perceive what points they could possibly explore.  The issue with this methodology is that you might be covering similar or, in fact, the same themes from every other blogger in your specialty.

It’s much simpler to stand apart from the crowd if you cover certain posts on subjects that no one else is writing on, or if you adopt an extraordinary approach on the blogs that others are covering. Your articles should feel new even to viewers that have just read numerous articles on other blogs in your specialty.

Rather than going to different websites for ideas, think of your own experiences. Ditch your computer. Get a notepad and pen and take a couple of moments to conceptualize post ideas. Concentrate on your qualities and your experiences.

Leverage SEO And Social Media

Get shrewd about Search Engine Optimization. Recognize the keywords that people are searching for and undertake the ideal approach to fuse those keywords into the title as well as in the body of the blog post.

blog, social media, youtube

Make the most use of social media websites by incorporating “Share” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+, and StumbleUpon buttons on your blog. The simpler you make it for individuals to share your content on their social media, the more likely they are to do so.

Get Visual

Six years ago, everybody was making infographics. They began to decay since they weren’t as unique; they were overpowered by photographs that visualized a standard blog post. Furthermore, spammy SEOs added to their notoriety of being utilized exclusively for link-building purposes.

However, these days, individuals aren’t making them much, so the scope of using infographics is wide.

Research indicates that visual content like infographics, photographs, videos, gifs, etc. can help a blog post to perform way better than ones having no visual elements whatsoever.

Professional Blog and Website Design

Design your blog in such a way that it is simple and intuitive for viewers to navigate through your web page. This will, in turn, please your viewers and make them revisit more often. Since humans are visual creatures, having an attractive page likewise makes the information that you have published to appear more legitimate.

One of the most significant elements of blog design is coherence. Ensure that the background and foreground colors that you pick have adequate contrast to make your text simpler to read. Give adequate line-spacing to passages to make longer blocks of content simpler to read.

When an individual visits your website blog, one of the first things that they will notice is the design that you have at the top of the website page. This is your opportunity to make an important initial impression to engrave your brand image into their memory.

Use In Video’s Free YouTube Video Editor

If you’re searching for a quick, versatile free YouTube to mp3 converter, Invideo is the tool curated specifically for your needs.

Undertake the following steps to convert a YouTube video to MP3 format

  • Copy the link (URL) of the video you need to convert
  • Paste the link into the URL input box
  • Choose the file format from this MP3 (128KB), MP3 (256KB), MP3 (320KB)
  • Click on the Convert button and the conversion will begin.
  • Click the Download button, and you’re done with the process!

The magnificence of this converter is that it’s straightforward and very intuitive to use. It is created to be proficient and permits you to download your most loved music and recordings on the go.

InVideo is a free YouTube video editor that gives everything needed to make a YouTube video – including design as well as editing tools within the editor. You can make your videos utilizing your own pictures or ones from their stock photo library.

This tool is extraordinary for bloggers, amateurs, gamers, influencers, fitness gurus, and any other individual embarking on their YouTube journey.

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