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Simple Steps to Validate an On-Demand Delivery App Idea



Simple Steps to Validate an On-Demand Delivery App Idea

In recent years, on-demand delivery apps have become a trend. This creates a plentiful opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the flourishing on-demand market with their own mobile apps. It is because people feel comfortable and convenient in buying products or obtaining services with the help of on-demand apps.

Moreover, the sudden surge is due to the coronavirus outbreak. In this situation, people are more aware of social distancing and fear stepping out of their homes to buy essential products. Kudos to the technology! With the emergence of on-demand delivery apps, they can place their orders with hardly a few taps. After that, they will receive the ordered products on a specified date & time.

Validate your on-demand delivery app idea with the inclusion of user-friendly features

At first, you have to validate your app idea before moving forward with the app development process. The concept behind the validation process is to know whether your app idea will be successful or not. This helps to figure out the interest level of your target audience. You may end up losing thousands of dollars if you haven’t analyzed and validated your app idea before starting the project. Therefore, it is the crucial phase while starting an on-demand business.

Step 1- Determine and understand your target audience

Are you sure to develop an on-demand app? Then, the first step is to ensure that your on-demand app resolves the customers’ problems or meets their expectations/demands. For that, you have to decide which audience to target for your business. In a nutshell, you have to narrow down your audience.

You can consider preferring online surveys to know your target audience’s interest. Or else, post your idea as a query on popular social networking platforms. Make sure that your target audiences are ready to use your app in their lives. Your app will be valued only when it provides a valuable service according to the customers’ needs.

Step 2 – Conduct market research

Secondly, you have to find out your potential competitors. For that, search on the App Store or Google Play Store with a keyword that describes your app. Upon knowing your competitors, check which technologies they have used to build their app. Also, get to know in detail about their app’s functionality and strategies they have followed to grow their business.

There might be a chance that your competitors’ have developed & launched their app solution a year ago. Just copying the same technologies they used will not be helpful in any way. In such a case, considering new technology stack helps to win over them and revolutionize the market.

Step 3 – Collect feedback from the community

Product Hunt is an America-based platform in which entrepreneurs can share and find new products. Create a page of your app on this platform and get feedback from the community. As this platform is popular for startup ideas, you can get to know whether your app idea will work or not.

Creating a page on Product Hunt is simple. All you need is to provide a short & clear description of your product/app. Then, you should draft a desktop icon and visual content. After that, you are able to answer the queries and questions which have been in discussions from your account.

Step 4 – Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a basic version of an app that is not fully developed. Launching an MVP in the market helps to test your app idea and check the feasibility of your business. For this, you have to keep an eye on the response of your target audiences and try to get feedback from them.

Validating your app idea before the development will prevent you from a loss and lead a successful business.

Decide which feature-set to include in your on-demand delivery app

Every app has a particular purpose based on the target niche. The selection of features is a crucial part of when you plan to develop an app. This is because the app’s functionality will be based on the features you decide to integrate.

Ensure that the features you choose will be useful to your target audiences and are relevant to your app idea. To develop a successful on-demand app, you have to think of your business from the customers’ perspective. This helps to include the necessary & user-friendly features that meet the customers’ needs. Follow the three steps during the feature-set integration process with a mobile app development company.

  • Draft a checklist

Associate with a well-known mobile app development company and discuss your ideas for cross-verification. Make a note of your app ideas regarding the features and functionality. This will prevent you from adding unnecessary features to your on-demand app.

  • Plan your budget

The more the number of features has been added to the app, the cost of developing it will elevate considerably. Before you proceed with the app development, you have to get a quote to know the estimated price and viability. If it does not fit in your budget, you can search for an alternative option.

  • Take feedback from your target audience

Give your target audiences a chance to interact with your app for a while and then collect feedback from them. This is how you can find which features are helpful for them as you can avoid including wrong features. Improving the app’s functions based on the target audiences is quite essential for the app’s success.

Let’s see a few of the common features of the on-demand mobile apps that you could consider.

Features of Customer app

  • Easy registration

An effortless registration process is necessary for the on-demand apps as customers can finish the signup process within a few seconds. Signing up using a social media account is one simplest way. In the case of a courier delivery app or alcohol delivery app, registration using a phone number is the best choice.

  • Multiple payment gateways

You can give your customers multiple choices when they make payment transactions. It includes net banking, e-wallets, credit card, debit card, and COD (Cash On Delivery). Ensure that the payment gateways are secure and reliable.

  • Push notifications

It is considered to be the most important feature for on-demand apps in which you can provide promotional offers and deals to the customers. Also, this feature lets the customers get updates regarding the delivery status. Hence, you can improve customer engagement, including retaining customers and grabbing attention from new customers.

  • Live tracking

The GPS tracking system will allow the customers to keep track of their order status in real-time. The on-demand app will display the estimated time of order arrival as it will avoid the frustration of waiting for their orders for a long time.

Features of Delivery person app

  • Delivery request

A nearby delivery person will get an alert message in a request to accept the delivery. The particular delivery person has the option to accept/reject the request based on availability. If that delivery person does not take the delivery request, it will be passed to the next one.

  • Earnings

The delivery persons can check their earnings daily/weekly/monthly as they can maintain their finances with ease. They can add multiple bank accounts in the app, but they have to choose one primary account for receiving income.

  • Service details

Once the delivery person accepts the request, they will receive basic information about the customers. Also, they can check the service histories and related statistics.

  • In-app chat/call

This feature will allow the delivery person to communicate with the customer to resolve the queries related to locations. Despite this, customers can also get in touch with the delivery person in case of any doubts or inconvenience.

Features of Admin panel

  • Customer management

As a platform owner, you can manage all the registered customers’ activities seamlessly. It includes payments, discounts, online queries, etc. This will help to maintain the business hassle-free.

  • Analytics

You can get to know the insightful information of the app’s performance along with its usage among the customers. It will be used to discover loopholes, as you will know the exact area in the app that needs to be improved.

  • Manage delivery person

You can manage incentives, earnings, commissions, and penalties for the delivery person. This will let you keep track of profit-sharing without any difficulties.

  • Automatic or manual algorithm

The automatic algorithm will automatically match a delivery person for the customer’s demands. Whereas, the manual algorithm will let you choose the delivery person for a particular customer’s request.


Businesses such as courier service, food delivery service, healthcare service, flower delivery service, grocery delivery service, and alcohol delivery service can opt for mobile apps. Investing in the on-demand delivery app will help grow your business to reach out to a broader customer base.

However, Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-service app solution that houses more than 60 services on a single platform. With these offerings, customers prefer it instead of opting for an app that offers a single service. Be it any service, you can integrate those in your multi-service app (super app).

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