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Creative Ideas to Make Your Hostel Rooms Look Beautiful



Creative Ideas to Make Your Hostel Rooms Look Beautiful

Hostel life is all about making new friends, enjoying the freedom of living away from home and exploring your personality in different ways. And your hostel room can often become the canvas for that exploration. The way you decorate your room in your ladies’ PG in Jayanagar will reflect your taste and style. From wall decor to furniture colours to organisation hacks, making your hostel room beautiful can make you feel a lot more comfortable and give your space a touch that’s uniquely yours.

If you’re looking for some ways to transform your hostel or PG room, we’ve got a list of ideas that will definitely come in handy. Check out these simple and creative DIY room decor ideas to make your room beautiful

Tape it up

Forget boring old transparent sellotape that adds no life to your walls. It’s time to embrace the power of colourful washi tape and the change it can bring to your hostel room. It’s quite likely that your hostel has rules against drilling holes in the walls or damaging the paint, but with this easy-to-peel-off tape you can have your cake and eat it too. You can decorate your walls and hang up photos, posters or other decor items using washi tape. Make some geometric designs or try out a washi tape photo frame and level up your room decor in this easy and inexpensive way.

Add some extra pillows

Your PG room probably comes with only basic furniture included, but that’s no reason to stop yourself from getting comfortable and cosy. Add some pillows and cushions with beautiful covers to glam up your room. These pillows will come in really handy whether you’re lounging in your bed, having a netflix party with your roommate, or trying to build a cosy meditation centre in one corner of your room. Plus, you can go crazy when it comes to the pillow cases and cushion covers and you can get ones that match the colour scheme of your room, or even DIY them out of some of your old T-shirts!

Upgrade your desk space

Chances are your desk in your hostel rooms is just full of mess and clutter. And that takes away from the room’s overall aesthetics. In order to better match your decor and keep your life organised, why not invest in (or DIY) some desktop-organisers and files that you can match to the colour scheme of your room and use to keep your essentials well organized. You can even add a lamp and some posters above your desk to motivate you to be productive.

Go green

There’s nothing that can instantly level up a hostel room like some potted plants. If your PG room has a window or an attached balcony, the easiest way to bring some life in is by getting yourself some low maintenance indoor plants. There are several ones like ivy, fern, money plants, snake plants etc that are really easy to take care of, or you could even add some succulents to your desk.

Bring some touches of home

When you’re living in a ladies’ PG in Koramangala, the homesickness blues can start to hit you hard. So, why not keep some elements of home around for the times you find yourself really missing it? Add some photographs of your family, friends or favourite places around your room so that you always have a reminder, or stock up on some of your favourite local snacks so that your stomach never feels like it’s missing out.

Or bring the pillow from your childhood bedroom with you to your hostel so you can sleep in peace. These simple tips will help you feel a lot more at ease in your new hostel, and make your room decor really unique too.

And there you have it. These are some of the simple and creative ways in which you can take your hostel room from drab to fab. Go ahead and give them a try.

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