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Exploring the World’s Top 5 Young Technological Universities



Campus, Exploring the World’s Top 5 Young Technological Universities

We bring to you today the top five technological universities with beautiful campuses. According to the rankings of QS World University Rankings®, what you are about reading represents the top 5 emerging universities with beautiful architectural designs and an environment that will make any student green with envy.

QS World Rankings of Top Technical Universities

What you are about to read is the inside details of campuses that are excitingly beautiful in terms of design and layout; the taste of sophistication on each of the campuses on this list is awesome,. Here we go!

Nanyang technological university

On top of the bill is Nanyang technological university. This university has the largest campus on the island of Singapore. It is ranked 13th in the QS world university rankings. It is the vision of becoming the world’s greenest university. This university has cat caves and a cat management network.

The campus is eco-friendly. You will get access to a traditional Chinese medicine clinic on campus. Also, this university is technologically advanced, so students here always have access to university support and assistance with this writing company. This is a university that is foodie-friendly. Another takeaway is the fact that the students are good at martial arts.

University of science and technology

We can not overlook the Hong Kong University of Science and technology on our list of reputable universities with impressive designs. This university is known for its culture of incredible performances in science and technology subjects. It is also a highly impressive business related field. This campus sits on a 60 hectare land that overlooks the clear water bay in East Kowloon. It is about 30 meters from central Hong Kong. The sporting facilities on the campus are highly impressive.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)

This beautiful citadel of academic learning is based in the city of Daejeon in South Korea. This university, aside from the beautiful campus, is a leader among world universities in many science and technology subjects and provides the best assignment writing help.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology has been expressed by the exploits of students that have passed through the university. The mention can be made of Sang-Soo Oh. He is the inventor of the world’s the first internet phone, Dialpad. There are notable scientists that have been produced by this university. When you get to this university, you are going to enjoy the best of academics in an environment that is surrounded by the best architectural designs around.

Maastricht University

The Maastricht University rates among the best in architectural designs. It was established in 1994 and it is one of the youngest universities on the list of this ranking. This university campus is a marvelous glass-walled house of innovation. The innovative research in the school is in a wide range of fields.

Sydney University of technology

The meteoric rise of this university since its inception is very impressive. This university boasts a state of the arts campus. There are on-going developmental works that will enhance the beauty and convenience of the campus. A large sum of AU $1 billion has been raised for this purpose. New facilities are coming up to keep pace with the developmental strides of the century.


The five universities above represent the top five young universities that are great in technological designs and academic content.

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