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Everything You Need To Know About The Price Of An EICR Certificate Before You Book

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Everything You Need To Know About The Price Of An EICR Certificate Before You Book


When it comes to the health, safety, and quality of your home’s electrical systems, look no farther than the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) issued by a qualified electrician. After April 2021, all leases, new and old, will need to be accompanied by an EICR certificate.

This article will provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary to comprehend why an EICR certificate is necessary, how to go about acquiring one, and the consequences of failing to conduct an EICR inspection when mandated.

EICR inspections guarantee the safety of buildings and their occupants. While the vast majority of property managers follow the above steps and guarantee their buildings adhere to safe electrical procedures, there is a sizable minority that does not.

Continue reading to learn essential details that will assist you in bringing your property into compliance with current UK regulations and ensuring the safety of your tenants.

Certification Through The EICR Process

After a complete examination of the property’s electrical system, an EICR Certificate is issued. This includes examining the electrical outlets, wiring, and fuse box, among other things.

Get an EICR Certificate if you own rental property, run a business, or just want to feel better about the security of your own home.

An EICR typically lasts for 10 years for a primary residence and 5 years for a rental or commercial property. Hotel and restaurant establishments need to have their EICRs checked once a year.

It’s easy to do, and assistance is available if you need it. Visit our site for detailed instructions and to receive an estimate now, and we’ll put you in touch with the proper tradesperson at the stroke of a button.

The size and condition of the property are two factors that contribute to how long an EICR examination takes.

Timeliness will be impacted by the complexity of the property’s electrical system, the number of circuits, and the number and severity of potential problems.

Generally, it takes roughly an hour to check a modest apartment, however larger residences might take up approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Approximately How Much Does It Set You Back To Get An EICR Certificate?

The price of an EICR Certificate is affected by several variables. The price of an EICR certificate is related to the location of the subject property.

Rates in the South-East, including London, will be higher than in the rest of the United Kingdom.

The cost of an EICR Certificate is proportional to the number of electrical fixtures in a building, hence a higher price tag is associated with bigger properties.

The property’s age: Newer homes are simpler and faster to assess. The cost of the inspection will rise if the facility is older and contains more antiquated electrical equipment.

The total reach of the inspection: depending on the status of the property, extra fees may be paid. After the inspection is complete, the inspector may provide suggestions for further action.

A typical EICR Certificate will set you back the following:

  • The prices for an EICR certificate range from £69 for a studio to £89 for a one-bedroom apartment.
  • The price of an EICR certificate ranges from £99 for a two-bedroom home to £159 for a three-bedroom home.

When landlords with several properties order their EICR Certificates in bulk from us through MyContractor, they may save money. If you get an estimate from us, the price you see is the amount you pay, no hidden fees or taxes added on. Not a single thing will surprise you with additional fees.

Is It Possible To Fail An EICR Inspection?

If the electrical fixtures in your home are not up to par, the engineer conducting the EICR inspection may rule against you. They would give the installations a “not satisfactory” rating and provide feedback on what should be altered.

Nearly half of all home fires in the United Kingdom are caused by electrical problems. Given these numbers, violations of legislation and EICR safety requirements will be dealt with severely.

You, the renter, are entitled to have the landlord furnish an EICR Certificate before you move in.

Local governments are responsible for overseeing the implementation of these safety measures. In the event of noncompliance, they have the right to levy civil fines of up to £30,000 per infraction.

It is imperative that landlords adhere to EICR regulations; otherwise, they may face legal and financial consequences.

Not only will insurance companies be less willing to work with you if you don’t comply with EICR, but any claims that arise from your infractions may be denied.

Even if a building and its installations are brand new or have never given you any trouble before, you still need to comply with health and safety regulations.

It is not guaranteed that the building is secure or that the electrical systems meet the standards set by UK law.

To ensure that your residence, rental property, or place of business is up to code in terms of fire and life safety, you need to get an EICR Certificate.

Get in contact with MyContractor immediately to take the first step in making your building as secure as possible. We provide the lowest possible prices for an EICR Certificate and will be there for you every step of the process to ensure success.

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