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There are many necessary steps to take to make it big as a content creator. Out of the slightly numerous items on the checklist, one highly important activity is to keep putting out content. This is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • Content gives you higher chances of being discovered by followers and brands
  • Your reliability and consistency, when it comes to the niche, are displayed
  • It keeps you in the conversation and maintains your relevance
  • You are able to gain profits from each content with the same audience

However, continuous creation of content ideas, as well as production of the content itself, can be draining. It’s not so easy coming up with new and relatable quality content all the time.

This has led to lots of content creators reaching a burnout that is followed by an unwarranted decline. To prevent this, the Talkytimes team have decided to help you with the best ways to stay uplifted and inspired as a content creator.

Talkytimes is a streaming communication platform that is occupied by many content creators looking to share their content with an audience.

We understand the content market very well and have since noticed the burnout cases that tend to catch up with creators.

With this knowledge and proper analysis, we have decided to share with you 5 tips that we know to work really well in solving the problem of the burnouts that occur due to consistent creation of content.


As a content creator, we probably don’t need to tell you that you have to properly plan the generation and execution of your content. What we, however, must illuminate is how you should plan.

A creation plan involves timing and sectioning. So you tell yourself that you have 2 hours to do one thing, and 30 minutes to do the other. This helps to give you a sense of organisation, as well as a sense of urgency.

Arguably the most important part of the plan is you coming up with the idea. Some creators give themselves a very short time to come up with an Idea and focus more on the execution.

This gives the chance for the creation of half-baked or not well thought out content that may end up looking unfinished or not really interesting after execution.

💡 Giving yourself ample time to come up with a full-proof, and well-thought-out idea will make the content production process much easier.


Creating content consistently has many benefits, some of which we’ve already listed up top. But consistency doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work every day. Space out your content releases to comfortable yet productive intervals.

Be relaxed, but don’t be lazy about it. You can use the space inbetween work hours to unwind and relax your mind. You can also use part of the time to come up with new ideas for future content.

Content creators on Talkytimes alternate their posts and streams. The stream contents may also act as a form of introduction to the incoming posts.

With this setup, creators have enough time before their next stream to come up with more content and, most importantly, to rest.


Most times content creators come up with one-time content. Bloggers would try to summarise a bulky topic into a thousand-word article, podcasters would make an episode to discuss a very intrinsic topic.

Though it shows how commendable your summary skills are, this doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Exhausting a topic at once just means you have to come up with another one.

💡 That is why it helps a lot to break your content down into parts. What this does is that it helps you use the same idea to create more than one content.

You could have a two or three-part series on the same topic. If you stream your content on Talkytimes, it means you don’t have to come up with a new idea till after a series of streams have been exhausted. This would help reduce the anxiety and exhaustion that comes with burnouts.


You don’t have to do everything all by yourself. You come up with an idea, plan the execution, produce it, release it and engage your audience all by yourself. This could easily set you on the path to burnout.

Platforms like Talkytimes and most social media platforms offer public chats with the audience. With this, you can always make special requests to your followers to suggest topics they would love you to create content on. This helps simplify the idea generation period and gives you more time for yourself.

Collaboration with other content creators also gives some relief. Two heads are said to be better than one.

Intermittent collaborations will help you share the thinking process and also gain some followers from the other creator’s fan base. You could use this initiative to create expandable content, which would make the content idea be in use for a longer period.

Another free idea bank online is trends. Trending topics have 2 advantages: they help in the generation of ideas and also helps bring traffic to your content.

💡 Internet users are always looking to know more about the latest news and topics, so if your content is centred around them, you are likely to have a lot of engagements.


When you try to convert something you have knowledge about into content, it could still prove difficult. It makes creating content that you have sparse knowledge about a whole lot worse. One of the most popular niches being practised on Talkytimes is Lifestyle.

Content creators find it easier to present their day-to-day activities, because it’s personal and easy to execute.

We are of the opinion that it’s best to stick with content you are conversant with. If your content is something you live or practise often, coming up with new ideas won’t be such a fuss. Creating content will become less of work and more of a hobby.

You would have many resources lying around because that’s what you are already into.

A final tip that we will add here is for content creators who aren’t exactly living their content. You could have picked a niche due to its uniqueness or popularity, so you aren’t so conversant with the intricacies of the field.

💡 Here are 2 things you can put into consideration to ease the stress that comes with this lack:

  • Delegate. Hiring professionals in the field to help with your content creation will help reduce the burden of thinking so much about something you know little about.
  • Put in the work to learn about the niche. Taking online courses and making conscious efforts to know more about your chosen niche will help improve your output.


The consequences of burnouts can be really detrimental. It could affect your productivity, the quality of your content and, most importantly, your health, both physical and mental.

The above tips will help you look out for yourself and create ease in the full process that goes into releasing quality content. Only when you are in good health would you be able to give your best.

At Talkytimes, we understand everything that content creation entails, that is why we have created a platform with an easy-to-use interface and many useful features to make your creation better and well appreciated with instant monetization.

Sign up to join in the experience!

We hope you put these preventive methods and advice to good use. Remember, that if you’ve started seeing signs of impending burnout, it means you deserve a much-needed break. Good luck!

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