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If you’ve always had a flair for foreign languages and enjoy learning new ones, have you ever considered a career in localization? Attending localization conferences and events in your area are an excellent method of exploring this exciting industry.

Localization is an industry that concerns itself with all the facets of language translation. There are many areas that language translation is utilized on a daily basis in both public and private industries.

What Is Localization?

But the core of localization, and what gave the industry its name, is translating a message or series of words into a different language so that it makes the most sense to the local target audience.

Localization has become a vast industry all around the globe. Whenever a brand wants to launch their products and services into a foreign country, they generally hire a localization agency to handle the translation of all their corporate communications and messages, ad content, overdubbing of televised ads, brochures and so on.

Delivering a corporate message in a foreign language as accurately as possible is extremely important to a brand. It can make or break their image and reputation when they’re just starting in an overseas market.

In the public sector, it helps NGOs, charitable organizations and governments get their message across to a local audience using words and phrases that are easily recognized and understood.

Exploring Localization Conferences and Events

Attending localization conferences and events is the best way to explore all the facets of the localization industry and what it has to offer in terms of a career. These events will generally consist of seminars, networking sessions, intensive workshops and product demonstrations that you can explore.

But you’ll also have a chance to meet representatives from the best and largest localization agencies in the world. You’ll be able to rub shoulders with the people you’ll need to meet to secure a position within the localization industry if you so choose.

They attend these events to find out the newest advances and revelations in the localization industry. Brand managers from corporations all over the world also attend the conferences and events to learn about the same advances as the localization people, as well as to meet with them and make contacts for future business together.

Different Facets of Localization

There are so many facets of the localization industry that you may not even be aware of, that attending an event is one the ways to ensure you haven’t missed some element of the industry that would interest you as a possible career choice.

If you’re skilled with languages and enjoy coding, machine translation technology is becoming a rising star in the localization industry. There are many versions of this algorithm, all serving different applications.

But by far, your best option is not to just read about the localization industry, but to visit one of these localization conferences and events in your corner of the world. It may just be the career you were looking for in a field that will continue to excite and engage your intellect throughout your career.


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