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5 Video ideas – How Big Brands Do it



5 Video ideas - How Big Brands Do it

Video marketing has become a must-have in 2023, and forecasts are such that its use will increase in the coming years.

The main obstacles are mainly money and time, but this should not discourage you, because, here are a few tips to help, and even though there are a large number of applications, such as Plainly, you can create a video without the knowledge of a developer.

Also, you won’t need professional cameras and recorders, if you can’t afford them, because today you can record a high-quality video with your phone.

A lack of ideas is also something that can slow you down, but here too it is important to know that you should let your imagination run wild, and that you can even repurpose your videos.

In this blog, we bring you a short list of how big brands do it.

Whether you are big or small, the ideas can be the same and you should not be discouraged by the fact that big brands have the possibility of professional production,

but rather research as much as possible how and in what way they put the messages they want to the public.

So let’s go:

1. Behind the scene (Bosch tour)

It is always interesting for people to see what the production process looks like, that is, where the products are made. A cool example of that is the Bosch New Bern Factory Tour.

The tour is designed to show what the factory in North Carolina looks like and what the German engineering production process looks like, that is, how products that are “invented for your life” are created, as they say.

What you use in your video and how you present your brand is up to you.

Such videos are good for the relationship you build with clients, which should be based on trust, which is certainly helped by the possibility of opening the door of your premises to them.

2. Recommendations and testimonials (List of best products)

Recommendations and testimonials from satisfied clients are sometimes the best advertisements. So rest assured that such a thing is always a good idea.

This is not an example of a brand, but it is a good example of a display based on which, say, a product enters the top 5 best to buy in 2022.

Use it as an example of how you can highlight the features of your product and its benefits and how to bring it as close as possible to your target group.

3. Tell them your vision (Sustainable fashion and Iggy Pop)

Brand awareness is also an important item, which greatly affects the behavior of your customers, as well as your visibility. Creatively show them what you stand for, what your goal is, and what your idea is based on.

An example of this is the fashion brand H&M, which emphasizes recycling and sustainable fashion, along with the legendary Iggy Pop. Celebrities or influencers can also greatly contribute to the positioning of your brand.

4. Take advantage of special days of the year, but in an unexpected way (English Hooligans and Valentine’s Day)

Holidays are of course more than a great opportunity for a video. However, it doesn’t always have to be in that classic way either.

Leap and combine something seemingly incompatible like Valentine’s Day and English football fans, or hooligans, just like Puma did.

These are also shared videos because they are short and fun and although the emphasis is not on any product and specific sales, it is about strengthening the brand through a memorable video that everyone will talk about.

5. Strong social messages (Women in the world of sports)

Social topics important to the community can very well be your focus, especially when it comes to global topics such as the position of women.

Nike did it from the point of view of female athletes and broke the prejudices that exist in that world when it comes to women.

This kind of video evokes emotions and is also very shareable because, even though it is from the angle of sports, it touches practically every woman in the world and the burning topic of feminism.

6. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward (Colin Kaepernick and the Nike sneakers on fire)

Again, we’re taking Nike as an example, but there’s a reason we include this as one of the examples. Namely, a few years ago, Nike published an advertisement with the famous football quarterback,

Colin Kaepernick, who also became a fighter for civil rights when he knelt during the national anthem in 2016, as a sign of protest against police brutality and racial injustice in the United States of America,

after which he left the NFL. His gesture caused numerous reactions, and then Nike shot a commercial with him. Which caused an even bigger storm.

Videos were posted of people burning Nike sneakers because of it, but on the other hand, according to analysts, in just a few days after the advertisement was published, Nike sales increased by as much as 31%.

This is of course a specific case, a big brand and a big name like Colin Kaepernick, but still, the point is that you shouldn’t be afraid of risks.

You shouldn’t think that a big brand like Nike can afford it and that you if you have a small business, can’t. Risk is a risk for both big and small brands. The point is, don’t be afraid to take the plunge, and don’t underestimate the power that video can have.

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