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Second Case Of Monkeypox (Mpox) Has Been Reported In T&T



Second Case Of Monkeypox (Mpox) Has Been Reported In T&T

(CTN News) – A press release was issued on Wednesday afternoon saying that an additional case of Monkeypox (Mpox) has been confirmed through laboratory testing earlier today, according to a report released by the Ministry of Health (MOH). He is a young male adult who is in his twenties.

There has been no indication from the Ministry that this case is connected to the first case that was detected on Tuesday, a middle-aged man with recent travel history.

However, the appropriate County Medical Officer of Health is currently conducting an epidemiological investigation and has initiated a local public health response, which includes the isolation of the Monkeypox patient’s home and the tracing of his contact information.

The WHO has received over 88,144 laboratory-confirmed cases and 1,084 probable monkeypox cases between January 1st, 2022 and July 3rd, 2023, including 149 deaths in 112 countries.

The United States of America, which has been most affected globally, is estimated to have over 30,000 cases of the disease.

In the Region of the Americas, where Trinidad and Tobago is located, there are still on average 95 cases reported each week across the globe, which means that Trinidad and Tobago is still the most affected WHO region in terms of cases.

In the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago has joined Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, Martinique, Aruba, the Bahamas, Curacao, Guyana, Barbados, Bermuda, Guadeloupe, and Saint Martin in reporting cases of Monkeypox to the World Health Organization.

In an interview with CNC3 News on Tuesday night, the Minister of Health stressed, despite this latest development, that one should not panic, but be cautious.

Be cautious when having close physical contact, especially sexual contact. It is primarily transmitted through very close, intimate physical contact. As Deyalsingh explains, it is not as common a disease as COVID-19, which can be acquired by simply sitting next to someone while in a maxi taxi.

In what manner does Monkeypox spread?

Monkeypox can be transmitted from one person to another through direct contact with infectious skin or other lesions, such as those on the mouth or genital area, including:

– Facing each other (talking or breathing)

A skin-to-skin relationship (touching, vaginal, or anal sex) is the most intimate relationship.

– Mouth-to-mouth contact (kissing)

The act of kissing the skin, or mouth-to-skin sex (oral sex)

As a result of prolonged close contact, breathing droplets or short-range aerosols may develop.


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