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Thailand’s Immigration Action Task Force Announces Arrest of 58 Romance Scammers



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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Immigration Action Task Force has announced that Thai police arrested a total of 58 romance scammers between December 8th and 17th.

Immigration police chief Pol Lt Gen Surachet Hakpan held a press conference to disclose that 58 individuals involved in romance scams had been apprehended between December 8th and December 17th.

One of the victims, a man from Nakhon Sawan province, was tricked into transferring 134,300 baht to the scammers’ account which the police have now frozen. The police were able to return 98,300 baht to the victim.

The police have also arrested 17 people complicit in call center scams.

Since June 22nd this year, 216 instances of romance scams have been reported; damage totalled 113 million baht. So far, 2.8 million baht has been returned to 15 victims.

Police investigations also confirmed that four of the perpetrators are foreigners, one of whom has already escaped the country.

By Thammarat Thadaphrom

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