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CCTV Footage frees UK Man from Cambodian Prison Cell



Chiang Rai Times

Nick Laycock, 25, spent two days in a prison cell after he was arrested at a guest house where he works.



CAMBODIA – British National Nick Laycock who was arrested for the alleged violent rape of a young UK backpacker walked free from a Cambodian court today after prosecutors were shown ‘overwhelming evidence’ of his innocence.

Nick Laycock, spent two days locked in a grim prison cell in the Cambodian town of Kampot after he was arrested at a guest house where he has been working for the past six months.

It had been alleged that he raped a 22-year-old backpacker who he went for a walk with by a nearby river because she returned to her friends with wrist and back injuries after having sex with him.

Going on the statements of her two companions, who said they ‘believed’ the girl had been sexually assaulted, Nick, from Berkshire, was detained by police on Sunday.

However, guesthouse owner Joel Miles carried out his own investigations on his CCTV recordings – and saw that the pair had consensual sex but that the girl had fallen over on her way back to the bar, resulting in her injuries.

When Nick showed up at court in Kampot yesterday he was told by prosecutors that they would not be pressing charges after they had studied the CCTV footage.

He is said to be ‘greatly relieved’ by the outcome and when he arrived back at the Arcadia guesthouse tourists and colleagues congratulated him.

According to the Mail Online, Nick said: ‘It was a traumatic experience.

‘I didn’t know what was going to happen to me.

‘A small misunderstanding and it resulted in me going to jail. Two days was bad enough.’

If the case had proceeded and he had been found guilty of rape, he would have faced many years in a rat-infested prison.

A relieved Mr Laycock return to the Arcadia lodge where other tourists congratulated him on his freedom.

‘It was a traumatic experience,’ he told them. ‘I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. A small misunderstanding and it resulted in me going to jail. Two days was bad enough.’

Now staff at the Arcadia have promised him they will work hard at restoring his reputation as a ‘good straight up guy.’

He is also said to be ‘furious’ with the British Embassy, who apparently offered no consular assistance.

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