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Canadian Wanted on US Drug Charges Hangs Himself While in Police Custody in Bangkok



Canadian drugs trafficker Alexander Cazes (pictured on a stretcher), 26, was found hanged in his cell in Bangkok.


BANGKOK – Pol Maj Gen Surasak Khunnarong, narcotics suppression commander, has reported to the Thai Media that 26 year-old Canadian Alexander Cazes was found hanged in his cell in Bangkok.

Cazes was wanted by US authorities. He was arrested in Bangkok on July 5 and arrangements were being made for his return to the United States to face charges there.

A duty officer noticed a towel hanging from the toilet door in his cell about 7am, but could not see him, police said. The officer unlocked and entered the cell and found Cazes dead in the toilet.

The cell where Canadian Alexander Cazes man was found dead at the Narcotics Suppression Bureau in Bangkok.

He promptly reported the discovery to senior officers at the Narcotics Suppression Bureau and to Thung Song Hong police station for investigation.

US officials, NSB investigators and Thung Song Hong police were subsequently called to examine the body before proceeding with other legal procedures.

Pol Maj Gen Chayapote Hasoonha, intelligence section commander at the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, said the Canadian had fled a drug prosecution in the United States.

He had been staying in Thailand for about eight years, worked as a computer programmer and had a Thai wife.

A source said police who arrested Cazes had impounded four Lamborghini cars and three houses worth about 400 million baht in total.


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