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Thai Men Attack Canadian Man With Machette Over Gold Necklace



Mr Sullivan tried to help her and the robber hacked him on the right arm and neck with a machete

CHUMPHON – Police have arrested two Thai men accused of slashing a Canadian man with a machete while trying to steal a gold necklace from his female Thai companion last week.

The twomen were identified by police as Yutthana Chumworathaayee, 36, and Sarawut Katerat, 35, both Thai Nationals.

Mr Yutthana and Mr Sarawut allegedly followed Philip Sullivan, 68, and Ms.King Kulkaew, of Bangkok, in a pickup truck after the couple walked from a restaurant near Chumphon train station in Muang district last Wednesday about 2am.

At a quiet spot about 200 metres from the restaurant, Mr Yutthana allegedly got out of the pickup and tried to snatch Ms King’s one-baht weight gold necklace from her neck.

Mr Sullivan tried to help her and the robber hacked him on the right arm and neck with a machete. The Canadian was seriously injured and later rushed to Chumphon Ket-udomsak Hospital. Ms King suffered bruising, but retained her necklace. Mr Sullivan’s condition was reported to be stable.

The frustrated thief fled in the waiting pickup driven by Mr Sarawut.

Pol Maj Gen Sonthichai Arwattanakul, chief of Chumphon police, said the suspects and their vehicle were filmed in the act by a security camera stationed outside a convenience store.

The two men were released from prison only three months ago after being convicted of attempted murder and assault.

According to Pol Maj Gen Sonthichai, they confessed to using the pickup to commit four or five robberies this year, using similar tactics, in Tha Sae, Pathiu and Muang districts.

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