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Police in Southern Thailand Kill Major Crystal Meth Trafficker

Seized were a tablet press, 11kg of meth powder, 500,000 speed pills and packs containing 10kg of crystal meth. 



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Authorities in southern Thailand have seized more than 500,000 speed pills, 10 kilograms of crystal meth from a house rented by a major Myanmar drug trafficker. He was shot dead during a gunfight with police in Nakhon Si Thammarat, in southern Thailand.

Pol Maj Gen Sonthichai Arwattanakulthep, said police led the search of the house at the Pattanakarn housing estate on Saturday. The officers found the house was used to produce as well as store crystal meth and other drugs.

crystal meth southern thailand

Southern Thailand police seized were a tablet press, 11kg of meth powder, 500,000 speed pills and 10kg of crystal meth. 

The house was rented by Ou, a Myanmar drug trafficker, who was shot dead in southern Thailand during a clash with police Nakhon Si Thammara Thung’s,  Song district the Bangkok Post reported.

Police had mounted a sting operation in which the suspect agreed to deliver deliver drugs to officers posing as buyers. When he drove up in his pickup truck, police surrounded the vehicle.

Myanmar Meth Trafficker Shot Dead

He opened fire as he tried to drive away but the officers returned fire. The suspect was shot dead and his pickup plunged into a roadside ditch. About one kilogram of crystal meth and 10,000 speed pills were seized from the vehicle. Police then extended the investigation that led to the seizures at the house.

southern thailand crystal meth

Nakhon Si Thammara Police prepare to extend the investigation that led to a major drug seizure of crystal meth in southern Thailand

Police also found that Ou had a Thai wife, Miss Kittiya, 23 (surname withheld), who was called in for questioning.

Miss Kittiya claimed she didn’t know her husband was from Myanmar. He told her he was a native of Chiang Rai and ran a business selling used cars. She told police she had met him on Facebook before their relationship developed.

Kittiya denied any knowledge about the house where the drugs and equipment were found. She said she and Ou stayed at another rented house in southern Thailand.

Pol Maj Gen Sonthichai said Ou was a major transnational trafficker with many networks. He had been wanted on an arrest warrant obtained by the Office of the Narcotics Control Board since last year.


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