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Chiang Mai Police Hunt for Mystery Woman after American Tourist, Drugged and Robbed Dies




CHIANG MAI – Police deputy chief Pol Colonel Piyaphan Phattarapongsin in Chian Mai Province has called a meeting of investigators to try and solve the two related drugging cases.

In the first case, the body of Indian-American tourist Tariq Ahmad Bhat 56, was found dead on a hotel bed in downtown Chiang Mai downtown last Monday evening. A cup of coffee was found near the bed.

Hotel staff told police that the man had checked in with a pretty Thai woman with short hair.

In the second case, Gene Ber Ulfgang, 69, was found unconscious in a hotel room in Tambon Chank Phuek in Muang district the following evening.

The American tourist was treated in a private hospital for two days before recovering sufficiently to give his account to police.

He said he met a woman in a beer bar and took her back to his hotel room. The woman ordered a cup of coffee for him and he passed out after drinking it. He said the woman was pretty, plump and had short hair.

The American tourist said his Bt9,500 and US$5,000 in cash and his credit card had gone missing. He later learned that the credit card was used to buy a diamond ring worth about Bt1 million.

Piyaphan said police concluded that the woman in the two cases was the same one. She had tried to use a credit card stolen from the Indian man to buy the same diamond ring but the card had failed to clear the bank’s approval for purchase.

Source: The Nation, Farang Deaths

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