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Fraudster Korean Woman Arrested at Chiang Rai Immigration

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CHIANG RAI – A 59-year-old South Korean woman wanted for alleged fraud has been arrested at Chiang Rai’s immigration office.

Ms. Kyoungnam Park was picked up on an Interpol Red warrant while trying to apply for a re-entry permit, said authorities.

She is wanted for causing fraud worth 440 million won (about Bt10 million) in her home country.

The South Korean Embassy in Bangkok asked Immigration to help look for the fugitive, identified only by her last name Park.

When Korean woman entered Immigration in Chiang Rai officials noticed her appearance matched the wanted woman’s description.

After checking the Interpol database and finding that the passport she was using had been reported as missing, Immigration contacted the South Korean Embassy.

The Embassy confirmed she was wanted for a fraud and asked immigration to apprehended her.

Immigration Police also cancelled her visa and put her in detention pending deportation.


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