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Is It Possible to Trade in an Old RV and How Does It Work?



Is It Possible to Trade in an Old RV and How Does It Work?

If you are asking yourself how you can sell your junk motorhome fast and get rid of it quickly, we may have some pretty good insights ready for you. After all, there seems to be a real need in today`s market for used RVs. Why should you lose in the market by not joining it? Well, this article will guide you on how to sell your junk motorhome on HeyRV.

Search for Quality RV Services

If you are not yet ready to see your old motorhome on its pathway to a junkyard, and you want to sell it to another, you would have to breathe life into it once again. In that case, you can ask around in an RV service for help. You will be shown the various specialized service options they offer, such as bodywork, paint repair, a parts store, certified engine mechanics, dealer-certified maintenance professionals, and RV security. Never let RV problems force you to a dealership without the resources to fix your RV promptly and without the knowledge to do it. Check out their facilities, get answers to your questions, and then decide between your options.

You may expect RV service centers to provide sound service spaces because the hourly labor charge for maintenance tasks starts at $120. Whenever I visit a Service Center, I make sure they have the following:

  1. Maintaining a functional workplace,
  2. Electronics, hoses, moving cars, etc., all have their respective warning signals,
  3. Placement of computer terminals at workstations to provide instantaneous access to manufacturer-provided troubleshooting procedures,
  4. Clean and well-stocked parts counter-staffed by helpful individuals.

Who Is Better, Big Dealers or Little Ones?

The term “small used RV dealer” refers to dealerships that are less than ten acres in size yet stock a dozen or more pre-owned recreational vehicles for sale. These dealerships typically consist of a single or double-desk sales office with a few bays for servicing cars in the back.

Typical RV dealerships stock over a hundred new and used RVs but only carry new inventory from a handful of brands. These dealerships typically feature an attractive office building outfitted with multiple workstations for sales staff and a separate service building housing as many as a half-dozen additional sales offices.

Large RV super-dealers typically stock more than a thousand RVs for sale at any time, including brand-new models from half a dozen or more of the industry’s most prominent manufacturers.

Because of the high volume of RVs they sell, their offices will be spacious and well-appointed, with plenty of comfortable seating and waiting places. Many even feature cafeterias, large buildings dedicated to selling RV parts, and separate structures where you can get your RV serviced if it breaks down.

What Are the Restrictions Placed on Relatively Small Dealerships?

They are typically willing to settle for a narrower profit margin between the RV you want to buy and the one you are trading in if you are trading up to a similar model of a used RV rather than purchasing a brand new one.

Keep in mind, too, that they ultimately need to turn a profit from every transaction they facilitate to stay in business. However, if your RV is a desirable make and model in good condition, they will be confident in their ability to resell it swiftly and profitably.

If you have a well-maintained, popular RV model, you can always negotiate a better price (with any dealer, regardless of size) than if your RV is older, in poor shape, or neither of those things.

The Bottom Line

If you want to give your RV a second chance, you may try to give it a good look back and sell it at an acceptable price to another future owner. However, if you do not want to go through all the incessant hassle, you may pick the easier way out: the junkyard. Sometimes, selling your old RV for parts or in its entirety is the only option you are left with.



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