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Exxon Mobil Corp’s Performance And Projections Are Mixed.



Exxon Mobil Corp's Performance And Projections Are Mixed.

(CTN News) – The recent market analysis of Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) has shown a mixture of positive and negative trends.

The company’s shares closed at $109.11 on Friday, reflecting a rise of 3.28% and a trading volume of 24.97 million shares. It should be noted that the stock has traded in the red over the last five days despite this uptick.

As of the end of the last year, the company’s peak price was $120.70, a gain of 10.16% from its lowest price of $98.02 during the same period. Over the past ten days, Exxon Mobil has had an average trading volume of 21.71 million shares.

XOM has been rated Overweight by analysts with a mean rating of 2.04, estimating earnings per share for the current quarter of $2.24. Currently, the consensus price target is $127.87, with short interest at 57.57 million shares.

However, Exxon Mobil’s performance against its industry peers shows underperformance with shares increasing by only 2.90% over the last six months and a year-to-date growth rate of -33.57%. In the coming quarter, the company’s revenue is expected to decrease by -49.70% and -36.80%, respectively, with revenue forecasts of $83.76 billion and $82.26 billion.

Exxon Mobil offers a forward dividend ratio of 3.70 and a share yield of 3.39%. 0.06% of the company’s shares are owned by insiders, while 60.72% are owned by institutional investors.

Vanguard Group Inc. holds over 388.24 million shares, followed by Blackrock (NYSE:BLK) Inc. as the second largest institutional holder. Mutual funds that hold the most shares of XOM are Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund and Vanguard 500 Index Fund.

Over the next five years, Exxon Mobil’s earnings are expected to increase by 42.72%, representing an annual growth rate of 23.41%.

Based on InvestorsObserver’s analysis, Exxon Mobil Corp scored 57, outperforming 57% of its industry group. Based on 148 sectors, it ranks 13th out of 38 in the Oil & Gas Integrated industry. XOM’s stock fell by 1.83% despite the S&P 500 gaining 0.86%.

The S&P rose 17.07% over a year, but XOM declined by 3.59%. With a P/E ratio of 10.65 and earnings per share of $10.06, the company had a volume of 7,192,952 shares.

InvestmentPro Insights Exxon Mobil

Its dividend policy is stable in the Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels industry. According to InvestingPro Tips, it has been committed to shareholder value for 53 consecutive years. In addition, the company’s low price volatility indicates a more predictable investment environment.

The real-time data provided by InvestingPro enhances our understanding of Exxon Mobil’s financial health. A hefty 427.16B USD market cap reflects the company’s size and influence in the industry.

A P/E ratio of 10.69 makes it relatively cheaper than sectors with high growth. As of Q3 2023, Exxon Mobil’s revenue was 344.75B USD, indicating its substantial earnings capacity despite industry challenges.

InvestingPro provides investors with a comprehensive tool to make informed decisions, including these insights.


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