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Coinremitter Can be an Ideal Crypto Payment Gateway in 2022



Coinremitter Can be an Ideal Crypto Payment Gateway in 2022

An ideal cryptocurrency payment gateway is what reaches the demands of merchants while receiving payments in cryptocurrency.

With the support of all the popular cryptocurrencies, Coinremitter has some extraordinary features to be an ideal choice for every merchant for receiving payments in cryptocurrency.

Know Coinremitter in brief…

Having a reliable cryptocurrency payment gateway is necessary for receiving payments in cryptocurrency.

Coinremitter brings some unbelievable offerings at an affordable price.

Basically, it lets merchants receive hassle-free crypto payments from customers.

Coinremitter supports almost all popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Doge, Dash, USDT-ERC20, USDT-TRC20, TRX and BNB.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! A set of limited services costs nothing on Coinremitter.

Merchants can get limited hours of free support (Email, chat or call), limited Bitcoin API access up to certain requests/min and up to 500 addresses/wallet with the free plan as of September 2022. So, we can say that Coinremitter offers a lot for free.

Even more than other available & reputed crypto payment gateways.

Is it totally free?

Merchants can consume some premium services from Coinremitter if they want, they can ask for them by spending a few bucks.

Merchants can get 24×7 free email/chat/call support, limited API access for up to 500 requests/min and unlimited addresses/wallet as of September 2022 with the paid plan.

You can check Coinremitter’s premium plan pricing for more.

Free support in the integration gateway:

Merchants with the paid plan can ask for free support if they’re facing problems in the integration of Coinremitter’s Bitcoin API. Even merchants with the free plan can look for free support in the integration of Bitcoin API within the specified duration.

Coinremitter also has plugins on some of the popular e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Opencart and Prestashop. Owners of unsupported platforms can check out the rest APIs along with a skilful developer.

Is it usable on regular basis?

Yes, even Coinremitter has the potential to be everyone merchant’s first choice when it comes to accepting crypto payments.

The most prominent reason for using Coinremitter is its low withdrawal fees. Coinremitter charges just 0.23% withdrawal fees of the withdrawal amount.

0.23% of the withdrawal amount is undoubtedly lower than some other reputed payment gateways.

The automatic withdrawal of up to a certain amount lets merchants auto-forward all payments to the respective wallet address.

Really? Just 0.23%?

Yes, merchants just need to spend 0.23% of the withdrawal amount as withdrawal fees, which makes Coinremitter the most affordable cryptocurrency payment gateway available in the crypto universe, especially while withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

It can save some bucks, right?

Yes, it can surely save some extra bucks. Coinremitter’s incredibly low withdrawal fees let merchants save some extra bucks on profit.

Merchants accepting regular cryptocurrency payments must try Coinremitter to save some extra bucks for themselves.

33,000 and counting…

More than 33,000 merchants have been actively using Coinremitter for receiving online crypto payments.

Achieving this feat shows the amount of trust that merchants have in Coinremitter.

We can easily say that Coinremitter has done exceptionally well in terms of having the belief of merchants.

Anyone can get the traffic but retaining the traffic on the same gateway isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Also, Coinremitter has been listed on some of the famous as well as media houses like Cointelegraph, Dash and Blockchair.

Is there any risk?

Coinremitter is anonymous and it doesn’t reveal the transaction details to anyone.

A dedicated team has been appointed especially for security purposes to keep fraudsters away. Merchants can rely on Coinremitter for completing crypto transactions without any security threat.


Apart from quick transactions, Coinremitter comes with some extraordinary stuff like the lowest withdrawal fees, free access to limited services, free support and many other things that no one offers at an affordable price.

Flawless and anonymous crypto transactions are cherries on top. So, Coinremitter has all the qualities of an ideal payment gateway for merchants in 2022.

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