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Businesses in Thailand to Reopen Including Bars and “Soapy Massage”



Businesses, Thailand, Reopen

The government in Thailand announced yesterday that all businesses and activities suspended to contain covid-19 will allowed to reopen July 1. This includes bars, entertainment venues and yes “soapy massage” parlous.

Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin, from Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, announced the decision on Wednesday. He said regulations had been drafted for the 5th round of resumption of business and activities. “When complete relaxation of the lockdown will occur”.

Businesses and activities to resume this time posed a high risk of disease transmission. Their closure had an insignificant impact on the overall economy. Some groups of people were in financial trouble because of it – including musicians and singers, he said.

Dr Taweesilp said schools will also fully open. Restrictions on opening hours at malls will also be lifted.

Bars and Entertainment venues to reopen

Pubs, bars and karaoke shops will reopen, but must close at midnight. Groups of visitors will be capped at five people, and will be prohibited from joining other groups. Sales promotion activities will be banned.

According to the Bangkok Post, video game parlous will reopen, but will not be allowed to sell food or beverages.

Premises offering a bath-sauna-massage service [aka soapy] will reopen on the condition that customers and staff wear face masks and observe social distancing – except during “bathing time”, Dr Taweesilp said.

“Customers will use the Thaichana app when they check-in, or manually register their visit in a book,” he said.

Staff would be regularly tested for Covid-19 and other related diseases.

At all these premises, the government will continue to require body temperature screening, the use of face masks, social distancing, regular cleaning, one-month of surveillance camera footage to facilitate disease investigation, and use of the Thaichana app for check-in and check-out.

At wet massage parlous, surveillance cameras would cover only public zones, Dr Taweesilp said.

Students Displaced as schools reopen

Thailand’s education ministry has announced  4500 schools will make non-traditional arrangements for students when the new school term starts on July 1. The schools will adopt any of five flexible arrangements. Under which one group of students will go to school and the others will study at home.

The five arrangements have been designed to help schools adjust to the public health crisis.

Warawich Kampoo na Ayutthaya, an adviser to the education minister said that students at another 31,000 schools nationwide will return to physical classes. Because their schools are able to observe social distancing in classrooms.

This follows an earlier decision by the Office of the Basic Education Commission that limited the number of primary students in each class to no more than 20 students. High schools students in a class are limited to no more than 25.

According to Mr Warawich, points of concern have been raised ahead of schools’ reopening. Including limited space in school cafeterias and during exams.

A staggered lunch schedule will be adopted and students will be allowed 30 minutes for each interval, he said.

As for exams, the Education Ministry is expected to decide by next week if formal exams will be held. He said that Prathom 6 students are highly likely to have to take their tests.

The Public Health Department of Health has also issued guidelines for schools to follow when they reopen

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