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Teen Girls Raped by Syrian Immigrants in Southern Germany

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Syrians have been arrested in southern Germany for the alleged gang rape of two teenage girls on New Year's Eve,

The Syrians have been arrested in southern Germany for the alleged gang rape of two teenage girls



BERLIN – Three young Syrian immigrants have been arrested after two teenage girls were gang raped in a horrific New Year’s Eve sex attack in Germany. The men – a 21-year-old and two 14-year-old boys – were nabbed following the brutal assault.

The girls, aged 14 and 15, were repeatedly raped during the two-hour ordeal which happened amid growing fears following a surge in the number of sex attacks across the country.

26-year-old student Antonia Rabente a Cologne resident who spoke about the attacks

26-year-old student Antonia Rabente a Cologne resident who spoke about the attacks

Police say the pair were lured to the house in Weil am Rhein, in southern Germany, by a 21-year-old man who they knew. The girls were then raped by suspects, who have not been named, during the savage attack.

Officers are also searching for another 15-year-old Syrian boy – thought to be a brother of one of the arrested boys – in connection with the attack.

It is thought those arrested over the attack are not asylum seekers and have been German residents for several years.

Police also say the alleged incident is not believed to be connected to sexual assaults which took place in a number of German cities over New Years.

Meanwhile, Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers, 60, was forced into early retirement amid accusations police had failed to react quickly enough to protect the 170 women who were groped, robbed and/or raped on Dec. 31.

Albers is clearly being scapegoated amid escalating tensions stemming from Germany’s unprecedented Muslim migrant wave.

Henriette Reker, the pro-Muslim mayor of Cologne, suggested the police had deliberately withheld information about the sex assaults, but Albers said that is a lie, according to the AP. Internal reports showed police were overwhelmed by the mob of 1,000 Muslim men of “Arab or North African origin” who brutally attacked women during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Authorities have identified 31 suspects, of which 18 are asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa. So far, 170 complaints have been filed, with victims alleging they were groped, robbed and/or raped.


18 year old Michelle said men began to molest them, touching them on their legs, backs, torsos and buttocks, and attempted to reach under their clothing.

One victim, 18-year-old Michelle (see photo), told German news channel NTV she and her friends were walking near the city cathedral when “suddenly 20 to 30 men surrounded us. And more and more came.”

Another woman, Anne, 25, told German newspaper Bild that she was waiting tables at a nightclub and went outside briefly during her break when she was attacked by a group of “Arab” men, who pulled up her dress and tore her underpants off before running away.

Another unnamed woman, aged 20, had every item of clothing torn from her body, while her friend was “abused with fingers”, Bild reported.

One victim said that, such was the chaos around the train station, she feared she could be killed or raped and “nobody would notice”, Reuters reported.

As news of the Cologne sex attacks spread across Germany, the public was enraged after learning the media had tried to cover up the news because of the ethnic backgrounds of the criminals. German TV station, ZDF, apologized for not reporting the sex attacks amid reports they had been ordered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor or soften its coverage of crimes committed by Muslim refugees and immigrants.

Meanwhile, Europe is struggling with an unprecedented Muslim rape epidemic. Under sharia law, it’s OK to rape any non-Muslim woman because they are “infidels.” In fact, it’s encouraged so they can be “converted” to Islam.

Rapes have skyrocketed in England, Sweden, Germany and Norway during the past few years after they took in millions of Muslim refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Sweden, which once boasted extremely low instances of rape, is now considered the “rape capital of the West.” Gang rapes in Sweden have escalated exponentially between 1995 and 2006, and the culprits in most cases were refugees or migrants from Muslim countries.

There has been a widespread European media blackout of this news because Swedes, Germans, Norwegians and Brits fear being labeled racist or Islamophobic. In the U.K., the press even refers to Muslim criminals as “Asian” instead of “Arab” or “Muslim” so as to not anger its large Muslim population.

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